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Travel to Antactica

We offer an extensive list of trips to antarctica at the best price. You may choose between our various trips which you like best, according to your needs, in terms of price, duration and type of excursion.
The Antarctic season goes from late October to March

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Travel to Arctic

Few places have stirred the hearts and minds of explorers more than the North Pole. At the turn of the last century, voyages of discovery and adventure by sled, balloon, airship and ship set off for the top of the world ­ and failed. It was not until 1926 that the pole was seen for the first time and not until 1948 that anyone actually stood there.
The season for the Arctic and North Pole goes from June to September.

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Travel to Cape Horn

There are four or five places all over the world in the presence of which man feels perturbed, surrounded as they are by a perennial mystical aura of spirituality. If, as it is the case of Cape Horn, they are the craved destination, the obliged passage, the insuperable difficulty, everything takes the aspect and the importance of the sanctuary and of the unconsciously supernatural place.

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Antarctica Flights

On our aircraft you will fly over the Magellan Strait, Tierra del Fuego Island, Darwin Mountain Range, the mythical Cape Horn and the raft Drake Passage. Finally arriving at King George Island, gateway to the white continent.

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Antarctica Cruises

Cruises to Antarctic Peninsula, Polar Circle, Weddell Sea, South Georgia, Falkland Island and mid-Atlantic Islands

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Antarctica Air-Cruises

Combine both sailing and Flying - Flying to or from Antarctica takes around 2.5 hours, making you save the 2.5-day navigations across the Drake Passage that are made each way in a regular cruise.

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Antarctica Sailboats

Sail to Antarctica on board of sailboats with a capacity of 9 or 48 passengers.

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