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Virtual tour of The "Dientes De Navarino"

The Dientes Circuit is recommended as one of the best hikes in the world.

Also called:

* Isla Navarino Circuit
* Circuito Dientes de Navarino
* the teeth of Navarino

This is a very highly regarded 5 day trekking circuit to the Beautiful and unspoiled " Los Dientes de Navarino" (Teeth of Navarino Island) at the "ends of the earth".

Some recommendations on trekking gear

The DIENTES consist of a ridge of teeth-like peaks running for approximately 15 miles in an East-West direction along Navarino Island.


Nature and outdoors lovers from all over the world come here in small numbers to enjoy the area
where Darwin walked and enjoyed the same flora and fauna over 150 years ago.
Come and take a small virtual tour with us to see some of the first parts of the circuit:

Photos of the Dientes circuit and surrounding parts of Puerto William (large photos with thumbnails)



Medium photo

Large photo

Views of the "Dientes".

Cape Horn, 60 miles away to the south, may be seen from the summit on a clear day.

To start your trek from the yacht club, just follow the road to the left .

At the crossroad, turn left and then turn right at the statue if the Virgin.

The road goes partly besides a river towards the mountains until reaching a dam and waterfall.

A path in the woods close by the dam waterfall

One of the waterfalls found just below the dam area.

The trail to Cerro Bandera is marked to the left of the Dam.

[Total distance for the Dientes de Navarino trekking circuit is 35 miles]



Looking down at the small town of Puerto Williams from "Cerro Bandera" during the first part of the circuit. (after approx. 2 hours)

Small inlet to left forms the Puerto Williams Yacht Club harbor.

The big island of Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina is seen four miles across the Beagle Channel

Gable Island, Argentina on right.

Another view of the Beagle a little farther up Cerro Bandera


One of the lakes along the way up the slope

A Patagonian plant found on the
Dientes de Navarino circuit

(click for closer look)

The last lake before reaching the summit after about 4 hours of hiking

From the summit, you may see Bahia Nassau, the Wollastan Islands and sometimes Cape Horn

A Patagonian cactus family
found here at the summit

(Click for large photo)


Navarino Island Trekking circuits

Circuit number (1) starts at the dam and ends at the fish factory about 8 km from Puerto Williams - time 4 days.

Day 1: Puerto Williams to the Dientes de Navarino peaks.

Day 2: Dientes de Navarino peaks to Laguna Martillo.

Day 3: Laguna Martillo to Paso Virginia.

Day 4: Paso Virginia to Puerto Williams.

Circuit number (2) to Lake Windhond is also a trekk of 4 days .

Day 1: Puerto Williams to Paso Alinghi.

Day 2: Paso Alinghi to Refugio Charles

Day 3: Refugio Charles to Dientes de Navariono peaks.

Day 4: Dientes de Navarino Peaks to Puerto Williams via Laguna Salto and Valle Robalo.

All are days of between 6-8 hours hiking with normal rythmn.

On guided trekks the daily food consists of breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee break and dinner.

We will make recommendations on the equipment you will need for these trekks.

There is another short hike from the dam to the ski club and back down to the coast by road by Ukika.

Permission to hike should be cleared with authorities

It sometimes snows here in full summer.

Guided trekks for either circuit cost $450 per person with tents and all food included.

A place for you to stay in Puerto Williams before and/or after your trek

at Victory Adventure Expedition's Hostal Bella Vista.

The Mac Lean Fish Factory that is found at the West end of the Dientes circuit. (Photo taken looking East )

There's a river on either side of the factory which flow down from the Dientes de Navarino.


The first part of the trekk is from Pto. Williams to the waterfall which one can complete in 20 min. This is where the ascent to Flag hill (Cerro Bandera) is initiated through a Beech forest (Lenga) with the track well marked.

In an hour the end of the forest is reached and continues for the naked slope of the hill until reaching the plateau of the summit of the hill Flag. From here advances smoothly by the slope of the hill, besides the line of the forest. To ours right the Valley Bass is projected, with a view to multiple gaps. In two hours the gap is reached the Leap, to which arrives after descending a pending fort in deposit that carried to the bank of the gap.

Here can camp conveniently. The second day is carried out one of the most complicated sections of the route, the step through the Teeth of Navarino. The progression is fast with good climatic conditions, in a land of accareo. They plunged in the silence of the mountain, one of the highest points of the crossing is reached, the step Australia, to 805 msnm. From here the gap of the Step appears, gap formed by the thaws and that should flank for its right, in a route of adhesion, to reach the step of the Teeth. Al to reach this portezuelo, is opened before the traveler one of the most amazing landscapes of the trip.

Looking at directly toward the south they are seen the bay Nassau, Winhond and the islands Wollaston, islands where the Tip of Ovens is found and the end of the American continent. We advance itself in descent and flanking a pair of gaps until reaching the height of the forest. In this sector the route revolves toward the west, toward the gap of the Teeth. Advancing for a forest ralo, the edge of the gap is reached, with a large quantity of cut and dry bushes, product of the work of the beavers to build its dams. Here it begins to appear a new landscape, a landscape modified by the action of the beavers that have exercised an enormous impact in the ecosystem of the island. Large dams can be observed since this part of the trip along all the valleys.

Here is good place to rest and to have lunch, to enjoy the gap, the view since the south of the cord of the Teeth of Navarino and of the hill Gabriel. Itself continuous the march by the north edge of the gap of the Teeth, to reach the entrance of the valley that carries toward the gap Hidden, place of the second camp. Al following day the march is toward the step Gale. Al to reach this step, the descent by a deposit is initiated well marked, reaching the bottom of the valley that carries al foot of the step Guerrico. Rises itself for the short and steep pending one. Al to arrive up we could have a beautiful view of the valley that remains behind. Bordeándo the gap by the northwest, its drainage is reached and begins the descent toward the valley Guerrico, to the south edge, negotiating a beaver dams pair. Al western the imposing hill is found Clem. Here is another good place to camp. Surrounding the gap Hammer by the east, its estuary should be reached. From here travels through a valley with several gaps and itself to makes out the place where to be the step Virginia: an escotadura in the mountainous cord that was to ours right. Al foot of the step Virginia can be done a high one to rest and to have lunch. From here a pending fort is projected that crosses on the part of the forest and then elevates in the naked slope of the hill.

Arrives at the top of the plateau in half an hour and advances toward its another extreme, after a long walk in northwest direction, by a quite dry landscape. Since up here was possible to sight the channel Beagle toward the northeast and the city of Ushuaia. Once we reach the northeastern margin of the plateau, the highest place of the route (859 msnm), one itself encuenta with an impressive landscape, a cliff that falls almost vertical 300 mts toward the gap The Guanacos. It is a dangerous and difficult lowering, with very loose stone and occasionally, very strong gusts of wind that pushes for the back. Halfway the land is done more stable, but the slope is maintained. Once it reached the edge of the gap, continues flanking the gap by the north until reaching its drainage. From there itself drop to the gap The Guanacas to seek a place of camp.

Flanking the gap by the west, we advance toward its estuary. Here a very pleasant place is found to camp, with a marvelous view toward the Beagle. From here begins the descent toward the bay Virginia, toward the installations of it abandoned fishing ground they Corrupt alborde of a road. Once it reached this, they are 8 km to Port Williams. Seven days of trip in the route of the Teeth of Navarino, seven days to share with the nature. In final this it was a marvelous trip of principle to end, besides an unique experience, by being the trekking more southern of the world, in a little land known by the Chileans, and by to have carried out the crossing in the almost absolute solitude. These things make this trip one of the most marvelous and greatest adventures that we have yet lived.

Description in Spanish

El primer parte desde Pto. Williams hasta la cascada se completa en 20 min, donde se inicia el ascenso al cerro Bandera por un bosque de lenga y con una huella bien marcada.

En una hora se alcanza el final del bosque y se continúa por la ladera desnuda del cerro hasta alcanzar el plateau de la cumbre del cerro Bandera. Desde aquí se avanza suavemente por la ladera del cerro, por sobre la línea del bosque. A nuestra derecha se proyecta el Valle Róbalo, con una vista a múltiples lagunas. En dos horas se alcanza la laguna el Salto, a la cual se llega luego de descender una fuerte pendiente en acarreo que llevaba a la ribera de la laguna.

Aquí se puede acampar cómodamente. El segundo día se realiza uno de los tramos más complicado de la ruta, el paso a través de los Dientes de Navarino. La progresión es rápida con buenas condiciones climáticas, en un terreno de accareo. Sumidos en el silencio de la montaña, se alcanza uno de los puntos más altos de la travesía, el paso Australia, a 805 msnm. Desde aquí aparece la laguna del Paso, laguna formada por los deshielos y que se debe bordear por su derecha, en una ruta de adherencia, para alcanzar el paso de los Dientes. Al alcanzar este portezuelo, se abre ante el viajero uno de los paisajes más asombrosos del viaje.

Mirando directamente hacia el sur se ven la bahía Nassau, Winhond y las islas Wollaston, islas donde se encuentra el Cabo de Hornos y el fin del continente americano. Se avanzamos en descenso y bordeando un par de lagunas hasta alcanzar la altura del bosque. En este sector la ruta gira hacia el oeste, hacia la laguna de los Dientes. Avanzando por un bosque ralo, se alcanza la orilla de la laguna, con una gran cantidad de arbustos secos y cortados, producto del trabajo de los castores para construir sus represas. Aquí empieza a aparecer un nuevo paisaje, un paisaje modificado por la acción de los castores que han ejercido un enorme impacto en el ecosistema de la isla. Grandes represas pueden ser observadas desde esta parte del viaje a lo largo de todos los valles.

Aquí es buen sitio para descansar y almorzar, disfrutar de la laguna, la vista desde el sur del cordón de los Dientes de Navarino y del cerro Gabriel. Se continua la marcha por la orilla norte de la laguna de los Dientes, para alcanzar la entrada del valle que lleva hacia la laguna Escondida, lugar del segundo campamento. Al día siguiente la marcha es hacia el paso Ventarrón. Al alcanzar este paso, se inicia el descenso por un acarreo bien marcado, alcanzando el fondo del valle que lleva al pie del paso Guerrico. Se sube por la corta y empinada pendiente. Al llegar arriba pudimos tener una hermosa vista del valle que queda atrás. Bordeándo la laguna por el noroeste, se alcanza su desagüe y se comenza el descenso hacia el valle Guerrico, hasta la orilla sur, sorteando un par de represas de castor. Al oeste se encuentra el imponente cerro Clem. Aquí es otro buen lugar para acampar. Rodeando la laguna Martillo por el este, se debe alcanzar su desembocadura. Desde aquí se recorre un valle con varias lagunas y se divisa el lugar donde estar el paso Virginia: una escotadura en el cordón montañoso que estaba a nuestra derecha. Al pie del paso Virginia se puede hacer un alto para descansar y almorzar. Desde aquí se proyecta una fuerte pendiente que cruza por parte del bosque y luego asciende en la ladera desnuda del cerro.

Se llega a la cima del plateau en media hora y se avanza hacia su otro extremo, después de una larga caminata en dirección noroeste, por un paisaje bastante árido. Desde aquí arriba era posible avistar el canal Beagle hacia el noreste y la ciudad de Ushuaia. Una vez alcanzamos el margen nororiental del plateau, el lugar más alto de la ruta (859 msnm), uno se encuenta con un paisaje impresionante, un acantilado que cae casi verticalmente 300 mts hacia la laguna Los Guanacos. Es una bajada difícil y peligrosa, con piedra muy suelta y de vez en cuando, ráfagas muy fuertes de viento que empuja por la espalda. A mitad de camino el terreno se hace más estable, pero la pendiente se mantiene. Una vez alcanzada la orilla de la laguna, se sigue bordeando la laguna por el norte hasta alcanzar su desagüe. De ahí se baja a la laguna Las Guanacas para buscar un lugar de campamento.

Bordeando la laguna por el oeste, avanzamos hacia su desembocadura. Aquí se encuentra un lugar muy agradable para acampar, con una vista maravillosa hacia el Beagle. Desde aquí se comienza el descenso hacia la bahía Virginia, hacia las instalaciones de la abandonada Pesquera Malean alborde de un camino. Una vez alcanzado este, son 8 km a Puerto Williams. Siete días de viaje en la ruta de los Dientes de Navarino, siete días de compartir con la naturaleza. En definitiva este fue un viaje maravilloso de principio a fin, además de una experiencia única, por ser el trekking más austral del mundo, en una tierra poco conocida por los chilenos, y por haber realizado la travesía en la casi absoluta soledad. Esto cosas hacen que este viaje sea una de las aventuras más grandes y más maravillosas que nos ha tocado vivir.

More on Navarino

There is a good eight page description of this trek may be found in;

Lonely Planet. Trekking in the Patagonian Andes. Lonely Planet Publications, Oakland, California, 1992.


Lonely Planet has info on some side trips along with photos and camp site recommendations for the trek.

Some of the travel info is a little out of date.

A lot of photos that a Dientes trekker took.

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