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Frequently Asked Questions at Victory Adventure Travel

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  • Q. Does Victory Yacht Cruises have Expeditions to Antarctica and South Georgia?

Yes, we represent about eighteen specially built steel and aluminum Yachts that make expeditions to Antarctica and South Georgia. We also have Antarctic expeditions by cruise boat and airplane.

 Q. What are the seasons for Antarctica and South Georgia?

The season for Antarctica is mid December until mid March.
For South Georgia, from the end of October to April.
Q. Are these expedition yachts safe?

Yes, they are all specially designed to withstand the rigors of ice and storm conditions. Their hulls are built of either very durable Aluminum or steel, some with retractable keels. Their captains and crew all have the experience sailing in these austral zones for many expeditions.
Q. What are the health requirements for the Expeditions and voyages?
An expedition member should be at least 7 or 8 years old, be in good health and have an adventurous spirit. Smoking on deck only.
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Q. What clothes and equipment are necessary?

Personal equipment list

Cold weather clothes:
Waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, thermal underwear, hat, scarf, gloves, sun glasses, sun cream, trekking shoes (on most of our cruises, boots are provided).

To wear inside the vessel: anything cozy, slipper.

You may also bring binoculars, flashlight, photo camera, video camera, pen and notebook, musical instruments. Use fast film as backgrounds are dark.

Q. What is the season for Tierra Del Fuego and Cape Horn?

The season for Cape Horn and Tierra Del Fuego is from October through May 15.

Q. Where do I need to fly in order to board the boat?
You may fly either to Ushuaia, Argentina or Puerto Williams, Chile for any of the voyages. Some voyages can start in Ushuaia, but always pass must through Puerto Williams before continuing the voyage.

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Q. What ages can children be to make the Tierra Del Fuego voyage?

If the children are well behaved, they may be as young as 7 or 8 years of age for the Tierra Del Fuego voyage. There is little danger, because navigation is done inside channels and fjords where the sea can not get rough. Cape Horn is done in protected waters via the new Murray Channel route and is protected up until the tip of False Cape Horn. (See Map)

Q. Are there other points of interest in Patagonia?

Torres Del Paine National Park close to Punta Arenas is one of the most lovely and untouched spots on earth. It is well worth it, if time allows you, to visit it. It can be done both by backpacking, staying in hostals or very nice hotels. Victory Adventure Travel can help you with this part of your voyage also.
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Q. Weather and boat problems

In Cape Horn, Tierra Del Fuego & Antarctica, you may see the four seasons in a single day. Snow, rain, wind, calm, sunshine and Williams; a very strong wind that comes down from the mountains very suddenly, but last only a few minutes! The weather in Tierra Del Fuego is very variable. That is one thing that adds even more to the adventure. You may experience the same kind of weather that Charles Darwin experienced more than 150 years ago here.Voyage of Darwin in Tierra Del Fuego, Chapter 10

1a) The captain may use his discretion as to changing the itinerary if the weather dictates this necessity.

2a) The beginning of and/or completion of voyages is not subject to "Acts of God", war, earthquakes, storms, etc., which may be beyond the control of the captain(s) and the capacities of the boat(s).

In the above case 2a), there will be no refund for voyages not begun or not completed according to schedule.

3a) If there is a problem with the vessel or with the captain and the voyage duration is not completed in it's entirety, you are guaranteed a refund on a pro-rated basis for the number of days not completed.
Q. How long are the voyages?

Length of Voyages: Cape Horn and Tierra Del Fuego glacier voyages are from one to two weeks.
Antarctic expeditions by yacht are for 28 days and South Georgia expeditions for 41 days.
Cruises to Antarctica are from 10-20 days and by plane 1-4 days.
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Q. Will we sail with waves and rough weather in the Beagle channel?

No, when sailing in Beagle channel and fjords, the waves rarely get over a meter in height. When rough weather does set in, we always anchor in a secluded and protected cove.

Q. Do I need sailing experience?

No sailing experience is necessary, however we encourage you to get into the spirit of sailing and help with such things as raising and lowering sails and anchoring, cooking, etc.


Q. Can I do any hiking?

Yes, you may hike every day for a time when we anchor for the night. In South Georgia and Antarctica, mountain climbing is part of the itinerary. There is a nice 3-4 hour hike recommended to see the glacier at Caleta Holla when we anchor there.
There is a very nice 4 day trekking circuit in Puerto Williams.
There is climbing to the Highest Mountain in Tierra Del Fuego, Mount Darwin.

Q. What is included on these voyages?

We include all water transportation, 4 meals/day, beverages, coffee, tea and guided tours.

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Q. What are the hotel costs in Chile?

Hotels in Chile cost US$120-200/night for a double. A nice English speaking Hostal in Punta Arenas is only US$40/night/person.
Q. Is Chile a safe country to travel?

Chile is one of the safest, and most stable countries in the Southern Hemisphere.
Because of this, Chile is considered by many entrepreneurs to be a very good country for investment.
Chileans love foreigners and try to copy them in every way.
They will make you feel very much at home even if you do not speak Spanish.

Q. What is adventure tourism?

Adventure Tourism in contrast to luxury or soft tourism as found aboard the large tour boats can be compared to something like camping out in areas inaccessible by other means.
Victory Adventure Travel makes this "camping out" very comfortable for most persons, although the extreme weather conditions in Tierra del Fuego will still always make the voyage an adventure.
Q. If I cancel the voyage will I lose my booking fee?

We must have firm bookings in order to be able to continue serving our passengers.

If you have a cancellation with little time left before departure, it is very difficult to obtain a replacement at the last minute.

If there is a problem with making a departure date, and give us notice ahead of time, we can probably reschedule your voyage for the same season or the following season.

If you do cancel the voyage for some reason, the cancellation charges of the total cost of the voyage are as follows:

Cancellations for Cape Horn and Tierra Del Fuego:

700-121 days before sailing: 20%
120-91 days before sailing: 30%
90-71 days before sailing: 40%
70-60 days before sailing: 50%
59-30 days before sailing: 70%
29-15 days before sailing: 90%
14-00 days before sailing: 100%

If the voyage is cancelled by Victory Adventure Expeditions and/or their adventure provider, 100% of the total deposit will be returned to the passenger. (This has never happened in 16 years of being in the adventure expedition business.)

Cancellations for Antarctica and the Arctic aboard vessels:

700-121 days before sailing: 30%
120-91 days before sailing: 35%
90-71 days before sailing: 45%
70-60 days before sailing: 50%
59-30 days before sailing: 70%
29-15 days before sailing: 90%
14-00 days before sailing: 100%

For example, if you cancel out more than 121 days before the voyage you be charged 30% of the total cost.
If you cancel out at the last minute 14-00 days before sailing you will be charged 100% of the money paid as it will be to late to replace you with another passenger.

If the voyage is cancelled by Victory Adventure Expeditions and/or their adventure provider, 100% of the total deposit will be returned to the passenger. (This has never happened in 16 years of being in the adventure expedition business.)

Terms and Conditions For Air Cruises

Flights to Antarctica terms and conditions

Cancellations for Charters:

In case of a cancellation, the 50% deposit already paid remains with the boat and for the broker's commission and the amounts unpaid remain due to be paid according this schedule :
For cancellations more than 2 months before the departure; 30 % of the balance for the cruise is due . If less than 2 months; 50 %.

If the voyage is cancelled by Victory Adventure Expeditions and/or their adventure provider, 100% of the total deposit will be returned to the passenger. (This has never happened in 16 years of being in the adventure expedition business.)

Q. Are there any books and information available about the area?

A good list of books is found here.

Q. What are the costs of the Tierra Del Fuego and Cape Horn Tours?

From US$300 /day/pax. depending on the yacht

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Beverly Beth Morse

Austin, Texas 78745

What an adventure! Not only did we 'round the Horn, we doubled it, didn't we!

Although we were bucking through some hefty waves with the wind moaning and the rain blowing sideways, wild horses could not have dragged any of us off the deck.

The Victory did you proud, sailing through flying sea foam like the splendid Cape Horner she is.

 Cape Horn is one of the most dramatic places in the world.

I heartily recommend this voyage to anyone who is compelled to go on a pilgrimage to the ends of the earth.

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