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Plans, photos, model, information and stamp of HMS BEAGLE

Old HMS BEAGLE plans


 The 10-gun brig HMS BEAGLE was launched in
1820. She never saw active service. Her
career as a survey ship began in 1826 with a
voyage to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego
under the command of Captain Parker King. She
returned to Plymouth in 1830. At the end of
1831 she again sailed for South America under
the command of Captain Robert FitzRoy.

AFTER having been twice driven back by heavy
southwestern gales, Her Majesty's ship
BEAGLE, a ten-gun brig, under the command of
Captain Fitz Roy, R. N., sailed from
Devonport on the 27th of December, 1831. The
object of the expedition was to complete the
survey of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego,
commenced under Captain King in 1826 to 1830,
-- to survey the shores of Chile, Peru, and
of some islands in the Pacific -- and to
carry a chain of chronometrical measurements
round the World.

The BEAGLE was retired from seagoing service
after her return from her third voyage. For
many years she was moored at Pagglesham on
the River Roach in Essex as a floating office
and depot for the Coast Guard Service.

Few records exist of her later career but it is
probable that she was broken up in about
1870. No part of her was saved and not so
much as a splinter survives as a memento of
the Beagle.

A model of the HMS BEAGLE

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