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The Anne-Margaretha and her crew offer Antarctica Expeditions in 2009-2010 again!!
Our vessel, made for extended trips in both warm and cold climates, departs the Netherlands in autumnal September 2009 arriving in the southern hemisphere during their summer season.

Expeditions to Antarctica

In 2009-2010 the Anne-Margaretha will sail for the second season to Antarctica!

We enjoyed so much the trip in 2007-2008, that we've decided to explore this magnificent continent again. These will be adventurous trips again with the Anne-Margaretha!

Our sailing vessel has space for 12 guests, who stay in comfortable, heated 2-persons cabins. Because of the max. of 15 persons on this trips we have the possibility to listen as much as possible to the individual wishes of our guests. (Everything of course depends on weather, wind and ice!)

We can explore narrower places than the bigger ships. No mass tourism, but a small-scale expedition. We have 2 Zodiacs, so we can make the landings all together: no waiting time!

On every trip we will have a guide who can give us a lot of extra information about wildlife and the fragility of the nature there.

Because of the lack of any medical aid, the trips to Antarctica have an adventurous character. Your health must be good!

On the Anne-Margaretha everybody takes part in all daily duties: from setting sails, steering, navigation (as far as possible) to households duties. We have a cook on board, but we are happy if everybody helps sometimes a bit in the kitchen.

During the trip over the Drake Passage, you will be on watch with a skilled watchleader. You have 4 hours watch and 8 hours free.

It's no need to have experience with sailing: we can teach you all you like.

During the days before Antarctica we will give you a lot of extra information about this continent.

During our stay on Antarctica we will have the most possible landings ashore.

Our day-program can be changed ( a bit) if weather or drifting ice force us to do so..!

The itinerary  depends on the weather, wind and ice. We make landings as much as possible. With our 2 dinghys we can explore all places with the whole group; so no waiting times!

Who are we?

The captains Heinz Wutschke and Greet Dekker are the proud owners of the

22 meter sailing vessel, the Anne-Margaretha, a ship we built ourselves. Once we had a dream to sail our own ship together with friends and guests over the oceans far away from the crowded life to enjoy everything that makes the sea so special.

We are still surprised by spectacular sunrises and sunsets, starry skies, moonlit and moonless nights, dolphins who play for hours alongside our ship and of course the whales, very close to the Anne-Margaretha!

Step by step our dream came true. In 2007-2008 we made our first world trip and sailed via Lisbon to the Canary Islands, the Cape Verde Islands, and on to Brazil. From Salvador da Bahaia and Rio de Janeiro we sailed to the southernmost point of Argentina – Ushuaia - our point of departure for three expeditions to Antarctica, the great, silent, white continent. On our return trip, we discovered the incredible natural beauty of the western coast of South America, including Patagonia, the Galapagos, Panama Canal, and the Caribbean.

Heinz has been a shipbuilder and restorer for 25 years and has a lot of experience in expedition-sailing trips. All his knowledge he has put in the Anne-Margaretha, which has become a safe, sturdy, easy sailing ship.

Greet sailed her whole life and has a lot of experience also with organizing long sailing trips all over the world.

We like to share sailing with other people. Our guests are a part of the on-board team, a caring community of experienced and novice sailors who learn navigation, steering, setting sails etc. to the extent they wish. We expect a helping hand in the kitchen now and then as we prepare our tasty meals together. We may even catch our own fish!

We welcome 12 guests on the Anne-Margaretha and our ship is big enough to be alone now and then.

During the trips you will be part of a watch for 4 hours with an experienced leader and for 8 hours you're free. We often sail day and night, so you will participate in the beauty of night sailing as well.

The most important thing will be that you'll make a once-in-a-lifetime sailing trip with the Anne-Margaretha you never will want to forget.

What to take with you?

Recommended packing list

We are sailing in Antarctica during the Antarctic summer. So the temperature will be around + 1 and -4 degrees. Still if the wind is chill and there is snow, it's rather cold

Besides the normal things, take with you:

  • warm, waterproof clothes
  • rubber boots ( needed by landings!) Take not to tight boots, so you can wear 2 pair of socks in it. Simple boots with a shaft of at least 28 cm high and soft non-slippery soles will be fine! (Sailing boots mostly don't offer enough grip ashore in the snow, ice and mud....)
  • 2 pair of waterproof (!) cloves/shawls/caps
  • (enough) clothes for cold weather (hardly possibility to wash clothes..!) We recommend thermal underwear (polypropylene or wool), fleece or wool sweaters
  • warm socks ( synthetic blend or wool)
  • Swimwear (we can possibly take a thermal bath at Deception Island!)
  • sunglasses
  • light shoes for in the ship
  • possible CD’s
  • possible a cord for glasses
  • towels
  • sleeping bag and pillow case (you also can rent the bed-clothes for € 15 for the whole trip. Please mail us.)
  • if necessary medicines(against sea sickness)
  • Pass, at least 6 months valid after entering Argentina (extra photocopies in your luggage)
  • Day-rucksack for landings
  • (copy) of your medical and travel insurance
  • Camera with enough memory (You will take more pictures than you did ever before!!)
  • Binoculars

Please use a  strong weekend bag or Duffle bag (no suitcases!! We don’t have space)

Be sure that your luggage is well labelled with your name and destination (Sailing Vessel Anne-Margaretha, Ushuaia and phone number of the ship (you'll get in time) outside and also a paper inside with all your details!

We have place for charging batteries.

On the ship we have all safety equipment (also life jackets)


Just the days on the Drake Passage can be rough. Some people can become seasick. In the sheltered Antarctic waters it's always calm, so no one will suffer of seasickness. Most people will get used after a day to the motion of the ship.

Still if you fear that you might be seasick you can take anti-seasickness pills. Buy them already at home! Cinerazine and Primatour are the most used, but ask your pharmacist.



Date Days Price Code
Dec 9, 09 - Jan 2, 10 25 € 6500 Trip A7: Ushuaia-Antarctica-Ushuaia
Jan 8, 10 - Feb 1, 10 25 € 6500 Trip A8: Ushuaia-Antarctica-Ushuaia
Feb 7, 10- Mar 3, 10 25 € 6500 Trip A9: Ushuaia-Antarctica-Ushuaia