Antarctica Expeditions

We offer an extensive list of trips to antarctica at the best price. You may choose between our various trips which you like best, according to your needs, in terms of price, duration and type of excursion.

The Antarctic season goes from late October to March


Cruises to Antarctic Peninsula, Polar Circle, Weddell Sea, South Georgia, Falkland Island and mid-Atlantic Islands.
From US$5,200 - 9 to 37 days

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Fly from Punta Arenas, Chile to Antarctica or to the very South Pole
From US$5,500 - 1 to 12 days

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Combine both sailing and Flying - Flying to or from Antarctica takes around 2.5 hours, making you save the 2.5-day navigations across the Drake Passage that are made each way in a regular cruise.
From US$4,595 - 5 to 9 days

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Sail to Antarctica on board of sailboats with a capacity of 9 or 48 passengers.
22 to 52 days

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Ready to do something unique, different, daring, adventurous? Something only an adventurer would do? Are you one of those Adventurers? If you are and want to join us on a unique adventure...

Simple, just contact us with a rough outline of your requirements and let me, Captain Ben, and my Crew to do the rest for you.You can contact us by Telephone at 5661-2227098 or send us an email to

For this or any further information on expeditions to Antarctica, the Arctic, South and North Pole, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Cape Horn, Cordillera Darwin's Glaciers, or Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego, you can also send us your inquiry online - please feel free to CONTACT US