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A Virtual Voyage to the Cold Southern Ocean Regions of our planet; Cape Horn, Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego, Antarctica and South Georgia with over 1000 graphics. Over two hundred forty pages of Information on culture, history, fauna, flora, anthropology, geography, arqueology, Chile facts, kayaking, whale watching, trekking and introducing:
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Southern Oceans.

Ice Diving.


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Patagonian Environment

Welcome to Victory Adventure Expeditions l, the world's most southern cruise agency. Expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Cape Horn, Falklands & Tierra Del Fuego.
On these sailing tours you'll see: Majestic mountains dipped in snow...Crystalline waterways...Dolphins, seals... Soaring Andes condors...Ice-blue Glaciers that shimmer like jewels...


Expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia,
Cape Horn, Falklands & Tierra Del Fuego

Antarctic Peninsula 


(4 weeks)

(Typical Itinerary) 

1. DAY USHUAIA (54°56'S / 68°06'W)

Beautiful view from the plane across the Beagle Channel and glaciers - we pick you up from the airport by dinghy - you choose your bunk and get familiar with the boat - last big shopping for 4 weeks - sailing across the Beagle Channel - we pass 'Isla dos Lobos': Sea Lions and Cormorants.

2. DAY PUERTO WILLIAMS (54°56'S / 67°36'W)

We anchor at 'Seno Lauro', the best natural harbor of this region - the old cargo ship 'Micalvi' is our jetty and provides at the same time all harbor facilities: pub and shower - here are a handful of boats tied off already, getting ready for Antarctica or just coming down from the Chilean Channels - Yamana Indians - Martin Gusinde Museum - last shower at Micalvi

3. DAY PUERTO TORO (55°05'S / 67°06'W)

Laid back Puerto Toro - sailing the Beagle Channel - Puerto Toro: most southern settlement of the world - 50 inhabitants - trading for King Crab - detailed weather analysis for the right moment to cross the Drake.


It can get tough - Albatross and Cape Pigeon join the daily radio contact with the other yachts and Antarctic weather stations - reaching the Antarctic convergence zone: polar waters with greenish color and lots of life - who sees the first iceberg? - continuous watch for growlers and icebergs

8.-9. DAY MELCHIOR ISLANDS (64°20S / 630°00W)

We have made it - we arrive at Antarctica: the coldest, the loneliest, the driest, the most isolated, the most peaceful of all continents, only 2% are not covered by ice - mountain ranges reach 2000 meters - Fur Seal colony - Sea Leopards on floating ice shells - flashing white of the icebergs and crystal-blue polar water.


Adelie-, Gentoo- and Chinstrappenguins - they can dive up to 300 metres deep and swim up to 36 km/hour - Crabeater Seals - navigation gets different because we cannot see the real coastlines of the islands, so chart navigation is difficult.

11. - 12. DAY PARADISE BAY (64°55S / 63°00W)

Big chance to see whales: Minky and Humpback Whales - they often come close to the boat - Chilean station Videla is abandoned, the penguins have won their territory back - Cormorant colonies - Gentoo colonies - dinghy trips - incredible scenery

13. DAY PETERMAN ISLAND (65°10S / 64°05W)

LeMaire Channel: very narrow channel with 1000 meter high stone walls, sometimes a huge iceberg gets stuck in the middle of the channel - Peterman Island: many Sea Leopards and Sea Elephants.

14. DAY VERNADSKY STATION (65°15S / 64°15W)

The passage to Vernadsky is not charted, therefore we put the dinghy in front of the 'Sarah' and look for a safe passage - Vernadsky (Ukraine): 15 men in summer, 10 during the winter, former English station, station members get a supply ship twice a year only - we bring eggs and cheese from Chile - sauna, pub, discussions.

15.-16. DAY PORT LOCKROY (64°55S / 63°30W)

We head north to one of the best anchorages of Antarctica - good chance to meet another yacht or cruise ship - at the English station we can post our polar post - good opportunity to get up the glacier with our snow shoes.

17. DAY PALMER STATION (64°45S / 64°00'W)

If we are lucky we get permission to visit the American base - totally different set-up: thorough biology research - we could even phone back home - American atmosphere.


We should see Humpback Whales: they are inquisitive and could easily stay for 12 hour with us, we get the dinghy in the water, they approach us and come very close, they dive below the yacht and play.

19. DAY ENTERPRISE ISLAND (64°20'S / 61°10'W)

'Antarctic Marina': a wrecked whaling boat is our jetty - from the nearby waterfall we tap water and fill up our tanks.

20. DAY GAMMA ISLAND (64°20S / 630°00W )

Last opportunity for extensive dinghy tours - preparation for the Drake - if the group wishes and the weather allows it we can make a detour to Deception Island: the island is volcanic, big parts are covered by black lava sand - ruins of an abandoned whaling station.


We should see the passage with different eyes now; its all that much more familiar - sea birds accompany us again - we head for Cape Horn

25. DAY CAPE HORN (55°50'S / 67°18'W)

The classic aspect of Cape Horn is the cliff face to the southern headland. Well below its summit, the old lighthouse , still stands, but shines no more below the clouds. On exposed rocks, a mile offshore, the sea breaks heavily even on a calm day, as the rollers coming in from the Southern Ocean pile up on shelf water, 75 miles away to the south-west. Cape of the ultimate challenge - many destinies and catastrophes have taken place here - symbol for the end of the world. - visit to the island: Chilean navy control post - passport stamps and post - chapel - monument - wildlife - deep tussock grass.


Sail around Cape Horn - excursion to other islands of the Wollaston group - anchor at Bahia Scourfield.

27. DAY PUERTO WILLIAMS (54°56'S / 67°36'W)

Back to civilization after 4 weeks of near isolation - showers and shopping - trekking - we pick up our Cape Horn certificates from the navy post.

28. DAY USHUAIA (54°56'S / 68°06'W)

Last sail across the Beagle - fresh bread and cheese - transport by dinghy to the airport.

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