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Crusing Expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula,
South Georgia, Cape Horn, Falklands & Tierra Del Fuego

The following is an expedition from Uhusaia by a smaller,
1400 tons ice breaker type, boat for 10 and11 days to the
Antarctic Peninsula. Capacity is approx. 40 passengers.
This smaller capacity gives you more personal attention
and better access to shore excursions.

This adventure cruise offers you a good
introduction to the great White Continent.
Departing and finishing in the port of
Ushuaia, Argentina, we include the most
exciting sites along the Antarctic Peninsula
and the South Shetland Islands. The program
emphasizes wildlife viewing, possible visits
to scientific bases, and the breathtaking
scenery of narrow waterways, glaciers,
icebergs and rugged mountains.

Please Note: The itinerary shown below is for
the 11 day voyage - during the 10 day voyage
we spend one day less along the Antarctic
Peninsula. However, no voyages are ever
exactly the same so the itinerary outlined
here is for your guidance only. The Captain
and expedition leader will assess daily
conditions and take full advantage of every
opportunity to make landings with our
Zodiacs, using the almost continuous daylight
to maximize time ashore.


Day 1 Ushuaia, Argentina Arrive in Ushuaia,
often referred to as the southernmost city in
the world. Enjoy the spectacular setting
beneath snow-capped mountains along the
shores of the Beagle Channel and explore it
at your own pace. Embarkation and later in
the afternoon you meet your fellow
adventurers and expedition staff. Plan to be
on deck as we sail the scenic Beagle Channel
east towards the Drake Passage.

Days 2 to 4 Drake Passage & South Shetland
Islands Wandering Albatrosses, Storm Petrels
and other seabirds accompany the ship as you
sail south across this famous passage named
after Sir Francis Drake, the 16th-century
English navigator. We continue towards the
Antarctic Convergence, a biological barrier
where cold polar waters sink beneath the
warmer waters of the more temperate zones. A
program of lectures by our shipboard team of
Antarctic specialists will help prepare you
for the many adventures that lie ahead. You
will also attend safety briefings and
familiarize yourself with the guidelines of
conduct for visitors to Antarctica.

In 1819 the British explorer William Smith
described the South Shetland Islands as
barren and covered with snow, with seals in
abundance. Yet, mosses, lichens and
Antarctica's only two flowering plants thrive
during the short summer on the low-lying
peninsulas of these rugged maritime islands
which are located directly adjacent to the
Antarctic Peninsula.

Places such as King George Island or
Livingston Island support huge numbers of
nesting penguins, while seabirds nest on the
cliffs and elephant seals wallow along the
shores. Deception Island is still considered
an active volcano and sailing through the
narrow passage into its huge, flooded caldera
is a thrilling experience. Depending on
weather conditions we hope to approach the
South Shetland Islands during the late
afternoon of Day 3.

Days 5 to 8 Antarctic Peninsula The Antarctic
Peninsula is the most easily accessible part
of the White Continent but it also has some
of the most awe-inspiring scenery and a rich
variety of wildlife. This voyage offers ample
time to experience the special magic of a
wilderness region first discovered by Adrien
de GerlacheÚs Belgian expedition at the end
of the last century. Besides the magnificent
scenery of mountains, snow and ice, you can
expect to see a wide variety of the native
wildlife; including Gentoo, Chinstrap and
Adelie Penguins, which occur in rookeries
ranging from a few pairs to many thousands.

Other birds to look out for are Blue-eyed
Shags, Kelp Gulls, Cape Petrels, skuas, Snowy
Sheathbills and Antarctic Terns. Marine
mammals that you are likely to see include
Weddell, crabeater and leopard seals, while
orcas, humpback and Minke whales may be
spotted at close range.

This area is also of substantial historical
interest and has been extensively explored by
several expeditions during the last century.
You will certainly feel the same sense of
excitement as the early explorers as you keep
a lookout from the Bridge or other vantage
points while your vessel threads her way
through this dramatic and pristine region.
You may also have the chance to meet
scientists working at research stations
operated by various nations.

Sailing around the northern tip of the
Antarctic Peninsula, we hope to navigate the
Antarctic Sound, often referred to as iceberg
alleyu. Huge tabular icebergs drift north
from the Antarctic continent and into the
Sound. Pending weather and ice conditions we
may land on Paulet Island. This crater island
is carpeted with nesting Adelie Penguins that
surround the remains of a primitive hut where
Captain Larsen and his men of the Nordenski
expedition sought refuge in 1903 after their
ship was crushed in the ice.

We also plan to visit aptly named Paradise
Bay where glaciers fill the calm waters with
a vista of icebergs sculpted by wind and
weather into a multitude of different shapes.
Here you may set foot on the White Continent
itself at Almirante Brown, an Argentine
research station.

At Port Lockroy we find thriving colonies of
penguins and shags and a former British
scientific station that has recently been
renovated and serves as a fascinating museum.
Cuverville Island and Rong" Island with their
dramatic locations are home to large colonies
of several thousand pairs of Gentoo Penguins
and other breeding birds. Many visitors find
the Antarctic scenery as rewarding as the
wildlife, and you will be enchanted by such
beautiful waterways as the Neumayer and
Lemaire Channels, narrow passages between
towering rock faces and spectacular glaciers.

These channels are one of the highlights of a
visit to the Peninsula; but they may be
choked with icebergs and pack ice. Located
south of Lemaire Channel, and separated from
the mainland by Penola Strait, we also plan
an excursion to Petermann Island. A stone
monument on the south ridge commemorates the
second French Antarctic Expedition, under
Jean-Baptiste Charcot, who wintered aboard
the Pourquoi pas? in 1901. Adelie and Gentoo
Penguins, skuas and Blue-eyed Shags nest
close to the landing site.

Days 9-10 Drake Passage Today we leave
Antarctica and head north across the Drake
Passage. Now is the chance to relax and
review the adventures of the past week, as
well as enjoy some final lectures from our
expedition staff as you return to Ushuaia.

Day 11 Ushuaia After breakfast we disembark
and transfer by bus to the exit of the port
which is centrally located in town.

This itinerary as a guide only; our exact
route and program varies according to ice and
weather conditions - and the wildlife we
encounter. Flexibility is the key to the
success of this expedition.


The Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands
From December to February - 10 days

Cruise Only Expedition Rates Include

Voyage as indicated in the itinerary. All meals throughout the voyage aboard the ship. All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by Zodiac. Program of lectures by noted naturalists and leadership by an experienced expedition staff. Comprehensive pre-departure materials and Antarctic handbook. Transfers and baggage handling from the ship to the centrally located port exit after disembarkation. All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program. Detailed post-expedition log.

Not Included in Cruise Only Expedition Rates

Any airfare, whether on scheduled or charter flights; hotel accommodations; passport and visa expenses; government arrival and departure taxes; meals ashore; cancellation and personal insurance (which is strongly recommended); excess baggage charges and all items of a personal nature such as laundry, bar and beverage charges and telecommunications charges; and the customary gratuity at the end of the voyage for those who have served you aboard (guidelines will be provided). Any other items not specifically mentioned as included.

We also have expeditions for 16 days
to South Georgia and combination South
Georgia/Antarctica for 19 days.