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Expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula,
South Georgia, Cape Horn, Falklands & Tierra Del Fuego

On this virtual tour you may see: Majestic mountains dipped in snow... Crystalline waterways... Whales, seals, Soaring Andes condors... Ice-blue Glaciers that shimmer like jewels...


Sails to: ..Antarctica ..South Georgia ..
South Sandwich Islands ..Cape Horn ..
Tierra del Fuego ..Falkland Islands ..
Other Sub-Antarctic Locations:

Boat Specifications

Golden Fleece is a schooner-rigged motor-sailing yacht with a strong
steel hull and a spacious wheelhouse for comfort and safety of navigation
in the high southern latitudes. Her powerful engine allows her to make
way in any weather conditions, maintain schedules and shorten crossings
of unpleasant seas such as the Drake Passage and the Scotia Sea.
Golden Fleece has an average speed of 7 to 8 knots in these southern
latitudes and a range of 8000 nautical miles under power. As a small
and independent yacht, Golden Fleece offers an incomparably flexible
way in time and itineraries to reach remote places. But you'll also enjoy
on board the comfort and the comprehensive equipment of a big ship
No previous sailing experience is required of the passengers.

General Characteristics:

    • Registered in the Falkland Islands
    • Steel hull
    • DTI Code of Practice Class 0 (unrestricted waters)
    • Spoken languages: Fluent French and English, some Spanish and Portuguese
    • Runs in an environmentally sound manner
    • Member of IAATO
    • UK Foreign Office Permit under the Antarctic Act, renewed every year
    • French-style cuisine


Builders: Kanter Yard Corporation, St Thomas, Ontario, Canada Designers:
Nils Lucander Launched in 1985 Built to full Canadian Coast Guard specifications


Length over all: 19,5 m (65') Length of waterline: 15,85 m (52')
Beam: 6,19 m (20'4") Draft (max): 2,48 m (8'3") Displacement (gross): 65 tons (FL)

Interior and accommodation:

    • 4 double passenger cabins (1 with a double bed), pillows, bed sheets and blankets supplied
    • 2 bath rooms with shower, WC and sink, pressurised hot and cold water
    • 1 large-capacity storage cabin (approx. 8 cubic meters and 3 tons FL)
    • 1 large engine room (incl. fully equipped workshop) useful for drying wet gear
    • Spacious centrally heated interior with 7ft headroom, a large saloon
    • Spacious wheelhouse and navigation station with all-round viewing


Golden Fleece is operated by a professional and highly experienced skipper, If you don't know Jérôme Poncet..
Helped by 2 or 3 more crew generally chosen for their passion and motivation
along with their experience. The service on board is hotel-like with
accommodation and meals. However being in a boat together for a
while does require a family or friends-like atmosphere, with a certain
regard to the well-being of everyone. There is no housewife or hostess
on board but a crew that will do its best to offer you a pleasant charter
and share it with you. A helping hand for common tasks such as
washing up and cleaning will always be very welcome.

Equipment list:


    • 235 HP Caterpillar Engine
    • CP Scan Prop variable-pitch propeller
    • Diving compressor
    • Dunlop-Hypressair Air tool compressor
    • Welder and all common power tools

Electrical System:

110 / 220 V AC and 12 / 24 V DC available 24 hours a day provided by:
20 kW and 4.5 kW diesel generators and 3.8 kW and 600 W inverters

Storage and Tankage:

    • 3 000 US gallons / 12 000 litres diesel
    • 1 200 US gallons / 5 000 litres drinking water
    • Cargo capacity 3 tons FL, 8 cubic meters
    • 2 grey-water holding tanks


    • 24-mile range Furuno radar (x 2)
    • Weatherfax
    • VHF radio (1 fix, 3 portable)
    • HF / SSB radio
    • 3 GPS (1 GPS-map)
    • 2 Autopilots (Cetrek & Wagner)
    • 3 depth sounders (1 Paper recording sounder)
    • Incastec Forward-scanning depth sounder
    • KVH Electronic compass
    • 2 barometers (1 electronic)


Interior - Saloon
    • 2 liferafts (6 and 8-man)
    • 14 lifejackets
    • 2 ring buoys
    • Flares
    • EPIRB distress beacon
    • Smoke alarms
    • 5 fire extinguishers
    • 6 safety harnesses
    • 1 man-overboard pole
    • First aid kit + Medicine chest


    • VHF radio (1 fix, 3 portable)
    • HF / SSB radio
    • 2 FSR (Family Service Radio - short range radio)


    • Television and VCR (PAL, SECAM, NTSC...)
    • Internal telephone system to all cabins
    • Stereo-CD player
    • Comprehensive polar library + fiction books
    • Diving equipment: 4 air tanks and weight belts (approx. 60 kg of lead)
    • Optional: 2 Kayaks, Cross-country skis, Paraglider


Mealtime in the saloon

    • Oil-fired cooker
    • Microwave oven
    • Washing machine + Dryer
    • 2 Refrigerators
    • 1 large Freezer
    • Trash compactor
    • Fully equipped galley
    • Oil-fired central heating
    • 2 hot-water heaters
    • 1 watermaker


    • 18 ft Zodiac with 30 HP Suzuki outboard
    • 12 ft Zodiac with 15 HP Mariner Outboard

    • Prices and Conditions
    • Prices are based on daily charter rates for a group of up to 6 or 8 passengers with full comfort, and cannot be adjusted per person. For shorter and coastal journeys 10 persons might exceptionally be admitted. Charter fees include food and accommodation on board, fuel and sundry port costs, exclusively.
    • Golden Fleece does not gather individuals willing to share the charter cost. Try to form a group of friends or people willing to share the experience with you. However, it happens that one or two bunks are free, in which case it is possible to join as a single person if it is agree to respect the principal client objectives.
    • NB also: For the final cost of your trip it is important that you realise the short time spent in the crossing with Golden Fleece. You will have more days at your destination's location - or less days altogether - than if you use a slower boat.
    • The difference can be as much as one week spent at sea for a South Georgia trip.
    • All prices are set according to the specifications, needs, risks and duration of the trips and therefore can only serve as an indication: For trips in the Falkland Islands and Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, prices run from £ 750 to £ 1000 per day (approx. US$ 1000 to US$ 1500). For voyages to Antarctica, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and other subantarctic places: £ 750 to £ 1200 per day (approx. US$ 1000 to US$1750).
    • All charters start and end in Stanley (Falklands), but provided it suits the Golden Fleece program before and after it can start from another place agreed upon, like Ushuaia or Punta Arenas.
    • Any deposit or full payment for a cruise shall constitute consent to all the provisions contained in the chartering contract (available by fax, post or e-mail upon demand).
    • Top
    • Draft Contract when chartering Golden Fleece:
    • Chartering "Golden Fleece" means booking the vessel at exclusive dates for a determined purpose and price.
    • *
    • A Hire Agreement between Golden Fleece Ltd. and a company or an individual for the Charter of the Vessel "Golden Fleece" is available by fax or post.
    • Any deposit or full payment for a cruise shall constitute consent to all the provisions contained in it.
    • The Charterers' responsibilities (i.e. yours):
    • *
    • To provide all suitable clothing and personal equipment for each member of the Charterers' party embarking on the vessel.
    • To provide personal accident insurance including evacuation cover for each member of the Charterers' party embarking on the vessel and any liability or costs incurred originating from any accident to the chartering party.
    • To ensure that each member of the Charterers' party has been deemed medically fit for the voyage.
    • To procure all permits necessary for restricted areas.
    • NB: Golden Fleece however has the UK Foreign Office Permit under Antarctic Act renewed every year.
    • The Owner's responsibilities:
    • *
    • To provide the vessel fully and properly equipped including necessary navigational charts, and crewed and ready for the sea service at the dates and places set out and to maintain the vessel in a seaworthy condition throughout the charter period.
    • To provide for the vessel all fuel, lubricants and consumable stores and safety equipment necessary to satisfactorily complete the charter.
    • To provide accommodation and food on board for the Charterers' party throughout the charter period (all hotel expenses and meals ashore are not included). Shore expeditions shall provide and bring their own food and equipment.
    • To provide full cover hull and equipment insurance for the vessel.
    • To cover sundry port costs for the vessel.
    • Reservation and Cancellation:
    • *
    • The vessel is considered booked for when and only when 30% of the total price of the charter is paid for.
    • A second payment of another 30% has to be done 4 months prior to departure and the balance is due one month prior to departure.
    • Notification of cancellation must be received in writing and acknowledged by the owner of the vessel. On receipt of the written cancellation, the following penalties will apply: earlier than 2 months prior to departure, 30% of the charter fee; between 1 and 3 months prior to departure, 60%; and 100% when less than one month prior to departure.
    • Itinerary changes and trip delay:
    • *
    • The owner reserves the right to change a charter's date or itineraries, as conditions warrant. Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of the passengers. If a trip is delayed or the itinerary changed due to bad weather, transportation delays, government intervention, sickness or other contingency for which the owner cannot make provision, the cost of delays or changes is not included and shall not alter the charter fee.
    • Itinerary cancellation: The owner reserves the right to cancel an itinerary before departure for any reason whatsoever, including logistical problems such as strikes, wars, Acts of God Government restrictions or regulations, and other circumstances which may make the operation of the trip inadvisable. All trip payments will be promptly refunded, and this refund will be the limit of the owner's liability.
    • NB: We strongly advise to take out a multi-risk insurance (for cancellation, theft, injury, voyage interruption, etc.)
    • Limitations of liability:
    • *
    • The owner assumes no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to person or property in connection with any service resulting directly from: Acts of God, detentions, annoyance, delays, expenses arising from quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, force majeure, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, terrorism, government restrictions or regulations, and discrepancies or changes in transit or hotel services over which it has no control.
    • Top
    • Personal Equipment List:
    • This list is not comprehensive but aimed at giving you an idea of what could be needed. It concerns a normal charter with no specific aim. NB: bring soft travel bags, not rigid suitcases.
    • *
    • Weatherproof or Sailing gear (boots, trousers and jacket)
    • Warm gloves and hat/balaclava
    • Warm clothes (fibre pile jackets and pants) - several
    • Thermal underwear - several
    • Warm socks (fibre pile or wool) - several
    • Hiking shoes/boots (suited for moraines and scree)
    • Gaiters (optional)
    • Warm slippers
    • Personal toiletries and towels (incl. personal medicine)
    • Seasick pills or ear patches
    • Sunglasses and sun cream
    • Small rucksack for shore parties
    • Personal photographic equipment with enough film rolls (incl. some fast films) and batteries
    • Electrical adapters for English standard sockets.
    • All gear and equipment for special shore expeditions (incl. food)
    • If you require more information about Golden Fleece charters, please give the most details you can as mentioned below. This will help us give a personalised and more accurate answer.
    • 1.
    • Names and Address (incl. e-mail address)
    • Phone and Fax numbers (private and at office)
    • Are you a travel agent? An Individual? A Scientist? A reporter?
    • Where do you wish to go?
    • When and for how long?
    • What is your aim or purpose?
    • For how many people?
    • Any special gear/equipment you wish to bring?
    • Have you already been to the Antarctic or Sub-Antarctic? When and how?
    • How did you find this web site? And/or how did you hear about Golden Fleece?
    • Have you already had some contact with other charter yachts or cruise companies? Is so, which ones?

Antarctica-South Georgia

Map of Cape Horn in relation to Puerto Williams

Tierra Del Fuego

Abatross chick in South Georgia

Puerto Williams

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