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Sailing Expedition to South Georgia

For our cruise to the Island of South Georgia the aim is to visit several places of interest, but spending enough time at each one to fully appreciate what the sites have to offer in a relaxed manner. Because of the vagaries of the weather in this rugged environment, the schedule outlined below is what may be possible, but will almost certainly not be adhered to! This is an expedition in the true sense of the word whereby we take things as they come and adapt to the circumstances. We are planning expedition from November to December. The first has an emphasis on ski randonee (ski mountaineering) and an attempt on the Shackleton traverse and the second will concentrate on the whaling heritage and wildlife of the island. See below for our 28 day itinerary covering the wildlife trip (also fully applicable to the earlier ski trip) which gives an idea of what can be done. To find out more about the destination generally see charter options link above.



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