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The spectacular and largely unexplored area of the Southwest
branch of the Beagle channel has been opened up.

This extensivearea of the many beautiful glaciers and
fjords is between Hoste and Gordon islands.

It was first opened to the public in the year 2000.

Sailing Adventures in the Antarctic Peninsula,
South Georgia, Cape Horn, Falklands
& Historic Tierra Del Fuego

On this tour you may see:
Majestic mountains dipped in snow...
Crystalline waterways...
Whales, seals, Soaring Andes condors...
Ice-blue Glaciers that shimmer like jewels...

Some photos of the Southwest Branch of the Beagle Channel

Looking South at Resguardo point on Gordon Island at the entrance to the Southwest Branch

Gordon Island is the only one in the area which has Coipo, a very savory large rodent which tastes like chicken.

Looking South at Delta island on the left with Olga Island on the right.
Snow covered Hoste Island is in the background.
The Southwest branch is behind Delta island.

Some dolphins came out to greet us

Arriving to the West entrance of the Southwest Branch
Gordon Island on the left, Hoste on the right

An un-named glacier coming down to meet from Hoste Island.
Close to the Beagle Channel  Southwest Branch entrance

nother un-named beautiful blue glacier on Hoste Island
On Estero Foque which branches off the SW Beagle Channel

          "All men dream: but not equally.
          Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses
          of their minds wake in the day to find it was vanity,
          but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men,
          for they may act on their dream with open eyes,
          to make it possible."

          T. E. Lawrence

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