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Rooms all have breakfast included:

Rooms with Private bath

Include hot water shower, gas heating and view of the Beagle Channel; Tierra del Fuego Island:

Cost per room:

  • Single US$60
  • Double US$80
  • Twin US$80
  • Triple US$110
  • Quadruple US$140

Quadruple is with 2 double beds and is best for a family.

Rooms with Shared bathrooms

Include hot water shower, Dinning room with view, television and eating facilities. :

Costs per person:

  • Single room with view of the beagle Channel and Tierra del Fuego Island. US$35
  • Double room w/o view US$60
  • Single room w/bunkbeds, w/o view US$25
  • Single room w/bunkbeds, w/view US$30

Slow burning wood stove provides good heating.

Some Rooms of the Bella Vista Hostal

Entrance hallway

Single room

Rooms with single bunks

Dining room with Cable television, slow burning wood stove, and music center

Jacuzzi type shower and bathroom.

Double bedroom for couples

The Bella Vista Hostal