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The Cape Horn
Church story

T he Cape Horn Church story begins with the
tragic death in the area of the "end of the earth"
during the last century of the English Christian
missionary, Martyr and sailing vessel captain,
Allen Gardiner in Tierra Del Fuego.

Allen Gardiner
Captain Allen Gardiner (1794-1851)  

From earliest childhood, Allen Francis
Gardiner was thrilled by stories of adventure
and strange lands and of war. In 1808, when
he was 14, Allen left home to enter the Naval
College at Portsmouth, England. Though he had
an exciting career in the British Royal Navy,
God had bigger plans for him. He accepted
Christ in the navy, and became aware of the
futility of idol worship when he saw it
firsthand in China. This was a turning point
in his life. He had to do something to reach
those who were putting their faith in idols.
He became an avid Bible reader. From God's
Word, Gardiner became acutely aware of the
Lord's desire to be glorified among all
nations. His naval career ended in 1826.


Gardiner was called by God to reach Indian
tribes in South America that had not been
reached even by the Roman Catholics. In 1838,
he crossed the Andes Mountains on muleback.
He had no plan; all he wanted to do was reach
the unreached tribes. All of his attempts to
reach the Indians failed. Then in the early
1850s, Allen Gardiner and six other men
attempted to go to tribes in southern
Argentina. This ill-fated effort left all of
them dead from starvation. But the challenge
he gave to reach animistic tribes is still
carried on by the South American Missionary
Society, an Episcopalian outreach to Latin
America. The two books he wrote paved the way
for Protestant work. In the second half of
the 20th Century, the Holy Spirit has been
moving mightily in Latin America. Gardiner
was one who planted the seeds that lead to a
harvest many years later.


There has been a prophesy made by
various persons including a Pastor from
Ushuaia, Argentina in the 1950's and by
Jim Lowel who was one of the astronauts
who went to the moon. He made this when
he was visiting this area and it
pertains to a spiritual revival which
will begin in Ushuaia and Puerto
Williams, the most Southern town and
city in the world, spreading like fire
through the North of all Chile,
Argentina, South America, Central
America, Mexico, the United States and

The word of God backing this up is
Ezekiel 20:46:

"Son of man, set thy face toward the
south, and drop thy word toward the
south, and prophesy against the forest
of the south field; And say to the
forest of the south, Hear the word of
the LORD; Thus saith the Lord GOD;
Behold, I will kindle a fire in thee,
and it shall devour every green tree in
thee, and every dry tree: the flaming
flame shall not be quenched, and all
faces from the south to the north shall
be burned therein. And all flesh shall
see that I the LORD have kindled it: it
shall not be quenched. Then said I, Ah
Lord GOD! they say of me, Doth he not
speak parables?"

Only time will tell when the Holy Spirit will
use these saved green trees and these
un-saved dry trees to kindle this spiritual

Allen Gardiner had arrived on Picton island not far
from Puerto Williams in the summer of 1850
with six other Anglican missionaries. His
sole mission was to bring the word of God to
the Yagan Indians of Tierra Del Fuego. He had
known about the Yagans by way of four of them
which were brought to England by Captain
Fitzroy of the BEAGLE. Fitzroy on his next
voyage in 1832 accompanied by Charles Darwin
brought the Yagans back to Wulaia. Gardiner
wanted to go to Wulaia, to find Jemmy Button
in order to translate fro Yagan to English .
As he had not raised enough money to buy a
Schooner, they bought 2 small steel sailboats
named "Speedwell" and "Pioneer".

W ith his two small sailboats Gardiner took
off again for an evangelizing trip along with
a surgeon by the name of Richard Williams, a
young Bible teacher named John Maidmant,
carpenter Joseph Erwin and three strong
fishermen from Cornwall: Badcok, Pearce y
Bryant. Upon arriving in Tierra Del Fuego,
serious problems overcame these Anglican
missionaries; first by accidentally leaving
their gun powder aboard the ship on which
they had arrived.

The 5th of December, 1850, after 3 months of
voyage, the boats of Gardiner arrived in
Tierra Del Fuego, to the island Picton, where
the goats were still at pasture which he had
left a year before. The "Ocean Queen" that
brought sailed away from them , so from now
on, they only could depend on their two small
boats. Then they could not locate the Yagan
Indian, Jimmy Button who had been brought
back to Tierra Del Fuego from England. They
wanted to find him so he could be their
interpreter of the Gospel to the other

They did find some Yagan Indians who only
wanted to take everything they saw. As they
couldn't detain them or combat them ( the
mission is to evangelize), they re-loaded the
boats, saved what they could and sailed away
from Picton. The Yagans chased Gardiner
constantly with their canoes which were
lighter than the heavy missionary boats.
Finally they found protection in Spanish
Harbor (Bahía Aguirre) on the island of
Tierra Del Fuego. It was not a favorable
coast and the "Pioneer" was destroyed on
landing, and the men started to have problems
with their health. The sea invaded the cave
where they are living taking everything with
it including their Bibles. So they decided to
go back to Picton with the "Speedwell", where
they painted a large message on the rocks of
Banner Cove for a passing rescue boat to see:
" Dig here below- Go to Spanish Harbor -March
1851" and there they buried a bottle
containing a message.

F ate was already playing it's role in their
lives. A very hard Patagonian winter (which
can reach 20 degrees below zero Celsius) set
in and they started dying one by one of
sickness, starvation and cold.

The last notation in the diary of Williams is
on 22 of June. His last words: "The will of
the Lord be done". Bradcock is the first to
die. In July, Gardiner writes that they have
been on reduced rations for 7 weeks. In
August Edwin and Bryant die.

Allen was the last to die Spring came without
ever having shared the Gospel of God with
even a single Yagan Indian. These are some
passages found in his diary: (translated from

"Lord, at your feet I humbly fall, And I give
you all I have, All that your love requires.
To lack is best, For all is yours, Take care
of me in this hour of test. Do not let me
have the thoughts of a Complainer. Make me
feel your power which gives life And I will
learn to praise you while carrying yourcross...
On the 29th of August, 1851 at age 57, when t
he winter was coming to an end, he said
good-bye to his wife and children and included
these words:

"If a wish was given to me for the good of my
neighbor it would be that the Mission in
Tierra Del Fuego be pursued with vigor. But
the Lord will direct and do everything
because time and reason are His your hearts
are in His hands...".

Gardiner in Agony

Captain Gardiner died near the
upturned boat in September 1851

H is last lines written in his diary on the
6th of September were:

"By God's Grace this
blessed group was able to sing praises to
Christ for eternity.  I am not hungry or

thirsty in spite of 5 days without eating;
Wonderful Grace and Love to me, a sinner..."

On the 21st of October, 1851, the ship "John
E. Davison" at the command of captain William
Smiley and with Piedra Buena as official,
found the "Speedwell" with the bodies of
Williams and Pearce aboard, with Bradock
meagerly buried nearby. They left because of
a bad storm without finding anyone else.

In January 1852, by order of the Admiralty,
the ship"Dido" commanded by Captain Morshead
also guided by the paintings over the rocks
at Picton, finds the boat "Pioneer". Then his
crew buries Gardiner and Maidment, and
rescues the diary of the missionary. All of
them, Allen Gardiner, the doctor, the Bible
teacher and the sailors died of hunger, cold
and sickness.

T his man of incredible will tried to
evangelize the pagans of Africa, the Chilean
Araucania Indians, natives in New Guinea, the
Telueche Indians of the Magellan strait, the
Caco Indians of Bolivia and the Yagans of the
Beagle Channel. Turned down everywhere
without converting anyone, he was the first
Martyr of Tierra Del Fuego.

cave of Allen Gardiner
The cave at Spanish Harbor
that Allen Gardiner stayed in

The story of these martyrs does not end here:
Upon learning of Allen Gardiner's death the still
existing South American Missionary Society,
which Allen had founded, constructed a 65
foot missionary schooner, the "ALLEN
GARDINER" and launched her in 1855.

A party of 9 missionaries aboard the
"ALLEN GARDINER" arrived at Wulaia
on Navarino Island (close to Puerto Williams)
in 1856.
There they finally found Jimmy Button to help
them to translate. Five days later, while attending
a Sunday service onshore all except the ship's
cook who had stayed aboard the "ALLEN
GARDINER" were viciously attacked and killed
with sticks and rocks without motive or
warning. Jimmy Button was said to have been
one of the rabble rousers.

B y this time a total of fourteen missionaries
had been martyred with the intention of
saving some of the Yagan's souls, but there
still were no results! This last attack put a
halt to all missions in the area for 6 years
until a young English missionary, Thomas
Bridges built a house in Wulaia. He had
previously mastered the Yagan Language in the
Falkland islands where some of the Yagans had
been taken and was able to make friends with

Bridges returned to Wulaia a year later and
found the house burned and everything
destroyed. The missionaries then moved
farther North to Leuaia on the Beagle
channel. (He later founded the Tierra Del
Fuego tourist attraction, the "Harborton
Ranch" and wrote a complete dictionary of the
Yagan language)

I n 1869 the missionary Waite Sterling founded
the first Anglican mission in the area in
Ushuaia. Ushuaia is now a bustling tourist
town of 40,000 in Argentina territory. It is
some 50 miles North across the Beagle Channel
from the then unfriendly Wulaia village and
gave them protection from further attacks.
Thomas Bridges was soon afterwards put in
charge of this new Tierra Del Fuego mission
which was then abandoned in 1916 some 66
years after the arrival of Allen Gardiner in

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The South American Mission
Society, SAMS

S eptember 6 is Allen Gardiner Day in the
Anglican Calendar for remembering saints and
heroes of the Christian Faith.

Best known for founding what became known as
the South American Mission Society (SAMS),
Allen Gardiner's love for Christ led him to
many different parts of the world. Born in
Basildon, Berkshire, he entered naval college
in Portsmouth aged 13 and went to sea two
years later. His Christian mother died and he
turned against his childhood Christian faith.
As he sailed to Cape Town, Ceylon, India
Malaysia and China he pondered on God. A
letter describing his mother's final months
and prayers for him and his own disillusion
with Buddhism accelerated a spiritual crisis
which ended in his conversion to Jesus
Christ. A new Christian he yearned to share
Christ with Mapuches he met in Chile.

H e saw Christian work in Tahiti. Reacting to the
death of his first wife, Julia, he set out
with his own boat to evangelise Zulus in
South Africa and founded Durban. With his
second wife Elizabeth he returned to Africa.
Opposition there sent him back to South

America to his original desire to share
Christ with Chilean Mapuches. He, his wife
and children travelled 1000 miles overland by
pack mule from Buenos Aires to Santiago and
Concepcion distributing Scripture. Indigenous
Chileans would not trust him, regarding every
Christian as "the enemy". Rejected in
Indonesia, he went to the far south of Chile
where he thought he would not be opposed. In
the following years, reacting positively to
every opposition, he distributed tracts and
Bibles in the Falklands, Tierra del Fuego in
Patagonia, Santa Fe, Cordoba and Tucuman in
Argentina, and Bolivia. His heart with the
indigenous tribes, he went out to Tierra del
Fuego and concluded that any mission would
have to be by boat using the Falklands as a
base. Back in Britain he recruited six men
including three "frank, brotherly Cornish
fishermen, Pearce, Badcock and Bryant".

T hey landed, but fierce weather, few fish and no
way of shooting birds led to disease and
death. Gardiner's journal, water damaged but
readable by the crew of HMS Dido, who found
it in his hand, reads "Let not this mission
fail", and it contains this prayer: "Grant O
Lord, that we may be instrumental in
commencing this great and blessed work, but
should Thou see fit in Thy providence to
hedge up our way , and that we should even
languish and die here, I beseech Thee to
raise up others and to send forth labourers
into this harvest. Let it be seen, for the
manifestation of Thy Glory and Grace that
nothing is too hard for Thee..."

The South American Mission Society (SAMS) was
formed over 150 years ago by Allen Gardiner,
an intrepid explorer and sailor, whose chief
desire was to share the good news about Jesus
with unreached tribes. Since then, we have
been working in South American countries, not
only preaching the gospel, but living it out
with the real people, in education, in land
rights for indigenous people, in Bible
translation, in evangelism and much more.

T he Latino Experience 2001 gives you the
opportunity to give some short-term help to
the work, and get a first-hand taste of
working as a Christian in a totally different

General Secretary,
Allen Gardiner House,
12 Fox Hill,
Selly Oak,
Birmingham, B29 4AG
Tel 0121 472 2616
Fax 0121 472 7977
Email mailto:gensec@samsgb.org


The Latino connection is published by the South
American Mission Society which is a registered
charity in England. Reg. Charity number 221328.

The SAMS is a company limited by a guarantee,
number 65048. Reg. address; Allen Gardiner cottage,
Pembury Rd, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TH2 3QU.

Email SAMS at mailto:youthcoord@samsgb.org
for more information on SAMS youth, short term
opportunities or a copy of the real Latino
connection in which you may find some serious articles.

Within the shadowy folds of the Latino Connections you will find:

1. Welcome

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