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Cape Horn on sight ...

This up to seven days journey starts in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego (Fireland). After checking in on board Tari II we will take the Beagle channel eastwards to Puerto Williams on Navarino Island.

The area was formerly inhabited by the Yaghan Indians, nomads who lived ashore the Beagle and the neighboring channels. Archaeological studies show they also stayed on the islands Wollaston and Hermite nearby Horn Island with its legendary Cape Horn. 


Season 2015/2016

Dates & Rates  
Destination Code Dates Cost
Cape Horn TT201115 Nov 20, 2015 - Nov 26, 2015 US$ 2,350 p/p
Cape Horn & Cordillera Darwin's glaciers TT041215 Dec 04, 2015 - Dec 17, 2015 US$ 3,900 p/p
Cape Horn & Cordillera Darwin's glaciers TT281215 Dec 28, 2015 - Jan 10, 2016 US$ 3,900 p/p
Cape Horn TT150116 Jan 15, 2016 - Jan 21, 2016 US$ 2,350 p/p
Cape Horn TT270216 Jan 27, 2016 - Feb 02, 2016 US$ 2,350 p/p
Cape Horn TT100216 Feb 10, 2016 - Feb 16, 2016 US$ 2,350 p/p
Cape Horn TT220216 Feb 22, 2016 - Feb 28, 2016 US$ 2,350 p/p
Cape Horn TT040316 Mar 04, 2016 - Mar 10, 2016 US$ 2,350 p/p


Day 1 - After clearing out from Ushuaia, sailing towards Puerto Williams, Chile. Check in and finish formalities to sail down to the Cape.
Day 2 - Puerto Williams to Puerto Toro or Caleta Lennox, depending on weather conditions.
Day 3 - Nassau to Wollaston Islands, anchoring at Caleta Martial or Puerto Maxwell.
Day 4 - Weather permitting we sail around Hornos Island and disembark at San León cove.
Day 5 - Wollaston Islands to Lennox.
Day 6 - Lennox to Williams.
Day 7 - Williams to Ushuaia.



Day 1 - Meeting on board Tari II at AFASyN Club 0930. Clear out of Argentina. Sail to Puerto Williams (25 nm). Arrive and clear into Chile
with authorities. First night alongside Micalvi.
Day 2 - Sail to Puerto Toro (25 nm).
Day 3 - Sail to Caleta Martial (50 nm).
Day 4 - Sail to Cape Horn. Weather permitting we land near the station to visit the lighthouse and monuments. Sail back to Martial. (30 nm)
Day 5 - Sail to Caleta Lennox or Puerto Toro.
Day 6 - Sail to Puerto Williams.
Day 7 - Sail to Caleta Olla (50 nm).
Day 8 - Hike to the panoramic point in front of Holanda Glacier.
Day 9 - Sail the NW arm of the Beagle Channel and visit glaciers Italia, Francia, Romanche and anchor in Seno Pía.
Day 10 - Land to visit the glaciers of NE Pia fiord.
Day 11 - Visit the NW arm of Pía and their glaciers.
Day 12 - Sail back to Williams.
Day 13 - Sail back to Ushuaia.


Please Note that these Itineraries are tentative only. The weather has always the last word. Also, activities to do once ashore will be organized on the nights before they could take place.


Further information and reading about the area, the geology, geography, history, and other important topics, as well as more practical one such as immigration documents for entering Chile and Argentina (need to get visa for both), currency, and other, can be widely found on the internet, and some of this info can be also be found in our website.

Notes of Importance:

Due to the geographical, meteorological, and cultural context of the area in which we operate, participants must be mindful of the importance of booking flights with enough time before and after the Expedition’s start and end dates.

We demand from every participant, to book flights, hotels, and other services for the dates before and after the Expedition, and not for the very same days the Expedition starts and/or ends. Please also note that it is highly recommended to purchase flexible air tickets given the possibility of late arrival due to unfavourable weather conditions, or other.

Victory Adventure Expeditions will not be held responsible for flight problems.

Please note that even though access to Global Communication Devices (in this case, Iridium and Inmarsat satellite Phone) is available, this access is limited and restricted to use according to the captain’s criteria. The use of such device, available on board, is primarily for safety reasons. If you need unrestricted, continuous use of such a device, we highly recommend you bring your own.

Personal equipment list

* Thermal underwear, undershirt and pants like Polar 100, Thermasilk or Capilene, 2 pairs
* Polar fleece tees, 2
* Waterproof jacket and pants, 1 suit
* Wool or polar fleece hut, 2
* Wool and/or polar fleece gloves, 3 pairs
* Waterproof gloves, at least 1 pair
* Wool and/or thermal socks, 4 pairs
* Hand towel
* Wet wipes for personal use
* Sandals, mocs or similar comfortable for below deck, 1 pair
* Rubber boots, high, antislip sole, 1 pair
* Sunglases, 1 pair
* UV protection cream
* After sun cream
* Photo and/or video cam, batteries, charger. 12v or 220v on board just for charging.
* First aid personal kit including seasickness pils such as Dramamine or Stugeron, headache pils, lip salves, band aids, antibiotics, etc.