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Welcome to the Clipper Stad Amsterdam.
The presentation of a sailing ship.
A living ship, a ship to be experienced.

Stad Amsterdam 's program will take the vessel from maritime events to exciting races and exclusive cruises and harbour receptions.
The Clipper, completely equipped for a whole range of activities, is Lloyd's Register ISM certified 2000. She is first and foremost a sailing ship whose home is the sea.

A special ship designed for special events in Europe and the Caribbean.
A party or reception on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is an occasion to be remembered. The completely furnished ship and the friendly crew guarantee an unforgettable experience.

The Stad Amsterdam is a ship that unites history and modern times.
It is a contemporary version of the revolutionary nineteenth-century clippers. The Clipper Stad Amsterdam combines the best features of famous ships like the Amsterdam and California with modern techniques and nowadays comfort and luxury. It offers a combination of adventure and historical ambiance unlike any other sailing ship.

This is a presentation of a new passenger sailing ship. A living ship. A ship to be experienced by all people who love the combination of sailing and adventure in a luxurious and stylish atmosphere.

The sailing schedule of the Stad Amsterdam will take the vessel to maritime events, exciting races and exclusive harbour receptions in the European summer. In winter the ship is available for charters in the Caribbean and Mediterranean waters. On this page you'll find information and photos of the Stad Amsterdam, more information on our winter program, charter rates and contact information.

  Our captains Pieter Brantjes and Robin Snouck Hurgronje look forward to welcoming you aboard soon.
We, captains, crew, catering personnel and office staff, will do our outmost to give you and your guests an unforgettable journey on the Stad Amsterdam.


Stad Amsterdam, inspired on the 19th century clippers,
ranks amongst the most impressive and luxurious sailing vessels in the world.

The longroom, where guests enjoy the delicacies our chef prepares. His Captain's dinner is already a legend.

Stad Amsterdam offers you 16 two-berth cabins with colour television, telephone, private shower cabin and toilet, writing desk and wardrobe. All cabins are transformable to four-berth cabins.


A party on deck. One of the great features of Stad Amsterdam.
While moored, she can take up to 250 people for receptions and 150 people for buffet dinners.


All our guests are invited to join our crew in hoisting the sails.
Stad Amsterdam combines sailing, cruising, exploring, adventure and luxury in one package.





8 days Christmas Cruise from Martinique

22 December till 29 December 2005

Day 1 Martinique - St Vincent Martinique is a slice of France set down in the tropics. Islanders wear Paris fashions and eat croissants. Bars and nightclubs will remind you, however, that Martinicans have a culture of their own, solidly based on West Indian Creole traditions. Urbanization has spread to much of the island, and most of Martinique's large towns feel like modern suburbs. Nevertheless, nearly a third of Martinique is forested and other areas are given over to pineapples, bananas and sugar cane fields. With a refreshing tropical cocktail the guests will be welcomed on board of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam by the captain and crewmembers. After the welcome dinner we will set sail and leave for St. Vincent.

Day 2 St. Vincent - Bequia
St Vincent & the Grenadines form a multi-island nation; the 30 islands and cays that comprise the Grenadines are among the most popular cruising grounds in the Caribbean. They are surrounded by coral reefs and clear blue waters ideal for diving, snorkeling and boating. Fewer than a dozen are inhabited, and even these are lightly populated and barely developed. St Vincent has rich volcanic soil and produces most of the fruits and vegetables sold throughout the Grenadines.
After breakfast we arrive at Kingstown, the guests will go ashore to visit the famous fish market, the rum shops and the stone-block colonial buildings. After lunch we will leave again and sail to the beautiful island Bequia. This delightful, hilly, green island is just an hour's sail south of St Vincent. Just seven square miles in size, but with a real life of its own, this exquisite Caribbean jewel is the first link in the chain known as the Grenadines that runs between the two island states of St. Vincent and Grenada. Bequia´s main harbor is Admirality Bay, with Port Elizabeth at its head.
In the evening we will anchor in the Admirality Bay and the guests can go ashore this unspoiled Caribbean island and get a cocktail in the famous Frangipani Bar. We stay in this bay for the night.

Day 3 Bequia
The Tobago Cays are a group of uninhabited islands near the southern end of the Grenadines. Many consider them to be the best in the chain, citing their fine coral reefs and turquoise waters. The islands are rocky and studded with cactus, fringed with coves and beaches of powdery white sand. The country has set the cays aside as a national park. Horseshoe Reef protects them from the sea. Snorkeling, swimming and tanning are the cays' major attractions.
In the morning the guests have the option to make an island tour (not included), the Clipper will sail around the island and pick up the guests in Friendship Bay, on the other side of the island.
After lunch we will sail to the Tobago Cays. Our cooks will organize a Tropical Caribbean Barbecue on the beach! The guests have time to swim, snorkel and enjoy the sun. In the evening we will leave and anchor close to the beach of Palm Island to enjoy Christmas Evening.

Day 4 (Christmas Day) Palm Island - Young Island
Situated in the island chain of St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Palm Island is located on it's own private 135-acre island hideaway at the end of the Windward Island group of the Eastern Caribbean. This exclusive resort is set in pure paradise where tranquility reigns and an unforgettable experience of a lifetime is inevitable. This natural oasis has changed little since it was first discovered.
(Optional, not included:) After breakfast the crew will take the guests by tender to Union Island. Here they have the unique opportunity to experience the breathtaking view of the Grenadines from the air!! After lunch we will sail to Young Island to spend the night.

Day 5 (Boxing Day) Young Island - St. Vincent
There are many good hikes on St Vincent, including the Vermont Nature Trails and the more challenging trek up the La Soufrière volcano, which passes through banana estates and rainforest and, weather permitting, up to the rim for a view of the crater.
St Vincent is surrounded by coral reefs and clear blue waters ideal for diving, snorkelling and boating. Around St. Vincent divers will find colorful sponges, soft corals, great stands of elkhorn coral, branching gorgonian and black corals. There's a range of dives for any level of experience.
After breakfast the group will be picked up for an exiting island tour on St. Vincent (not included). Those who are interested in diving we can offer the opportunity to make one or two spectacular dives, discovering the beautiful life under the surface of the sea (not included). In the afternoon we will leave again and sail to Wallilabou Bay to spend the night.

Day 6 St. Vincent - St. Lucia Much of St. Lucia is rural: small coastal fishing villages give way to a hinterland of banana and coconut plantations folded within deep valleys topped by rich, mountainous jungle. The rugged terrain continues beneath the sea in a diving heaven of underwater mountains, caves and drop-offs. Its most dramatic scenery is in the south, where the twin volcanic peaks of the Pitons rise sharply from the shoreline to form distinctive landmarks.
This day we use to sail from St. Vincent to St. Lucia. After arrival the guests have time to visit Soufrière, which has very old English styled buildings which are interesting to see. We will spend the night in Rodney Bay on St. Lucia.

Day 7 Rodney Bay - Grand Anse d´ArletThe guests can spend their last day to do some shopping or enjoy the beaches and the sea. In the evening our cooks will organize a fantastic farewell dinner on deck.

Day 8 Grand Anse d´Arlet - Fort de FranceDepending on departure times of flights the Clipper will sail to Fort de France and the guest will leave the ship

All meals, housewines during dinner, coffee, thee and fresh fruits are included in the price of € 1.995,- per person. After booking this trip you only have to arrange your flight and step on board!

Puerto Rico - Bahamas

23 March till 31 March 2006

Join us for this adventurious journey. Working in one of three watches you will be actively involved with the crew: setting the sails, at the helm and maybe even in the galley!

March 23 San Juan (Puerto Rico)Our captain will welcome you aboard the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. We will use your arrival day to help you to get acquainted with the three-masted clipper and its crew. The Captain will give safety instructions and elaborate on the itinerary. You will get to know our crew during the heavenly welcome-on-board dinner.

March 24 - 26 Virgin Gorda ˆ Grand Turk
In the morning the sails are hoisted for a spectacular trip. The final destination is Grand Turk, the main island of the Turk and Caicos Islands. This wonderful sailing trip will take you past breathtaking islands.

Grand Turk is one of the islands where Columbus is said to have landed after his legendary Transatlantic crossing. After 500 years it is still a matter of discussion as to where Columbus set foot on shore. We are certain that he landed in this northern part of the Caribbean, but the big question still is on which island.

On March 26, the Clipper is scheduled to reach Grand Turk. We anchor before the coast and the guests will go ashore to tour this splendid island. After dinner, we will set course for San Salvador.

March 26 - 28 Grand Turk ˆ San SalvadorThis voyage will lead you through the north-westerly part of the Caribbean, a very special area because of the shallow waters and many reefs and rocks. This voyage will take two days. In the morning of March 28, we will arrive on San Salvador. You will have all day to visit the island.

Besides Grand Turk, San Salvador is one of the three most likely landing places of Columbus. On this heavenly island time seems to have stood still. Here, turtles, exotic fish, dolphins and rays slipping through the coral reefs form the majority of the population. The powder like sand seems whiter than snow. Even though scholars are not quite sure if this was the place Columbus actually landed first, the inhabitants of San Salvador are convinced it is. That's why they have erected a monument near Long Bay, on the west coast of the island.

March 29 - 31 San Salvador ˆ Nassau (Bahamas)
In the morning the anchor is lifted and a 200-mile voyage is planned to Nassau. The next evening, this unforgettable sailing trip will be concluded with cocktails on the open sea! Our chefs will prepare a delicious fare wel diner and the Caribbean music will be unforgettable. After two days of sailing, we will sail into Nassau, our final destination, in the morning of March 31.

Nassau is alively city with a rich history ˆ Victorian buildings, forts and a jail turned into a library. Nassau used to be a port of refuge consisting of huts and tents, dedicated to wine, women, singing. These days, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. It has pearly white beaches and splendid gardens with more than three hundred flowering tropical plants. There are also numerous churches and other impressive buildings worth visiting.

Price based on double occupancy per cabin: € 895,- p.p.There is a 50% supplement for single occupancy

This price includes:
· Crossing based on full board;
· Unlimited coffee, tea, water and fresh fruit;
· Harbour and port dues.

More trips to be posted soon

3 days $ 47,500
4 days $ 61,000
5 days $ 74,500
6 days $ 87,500
7 days $ 98,000
8 days $ 108,000
- Ship with crew of 25
- Full catering for max. 32 guests
- Coffee, tea, water and fresh fruit
- Softdrinks
- Wines at dinner

Additional costs:
- Other drinks
- Harbour taxes and mooring dues
- Transfers
- Other personal expenses
- Delivery fee if necessary

Luxury Cruises

In winter the Stad Amsterdam is available for charters in the Caribbean.
 More information on our Caribbean program, charter rates and contact information.


Out on the ocean a new world opens up before you. Clouds that change shape every passing minute. The excitement of helping the crew. A sunset will remain etched in your memory forever...
During a voyage on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam you will discover all of this for yourself. A vacation on this ship is an exclusive experience. The vessel offers a combination of adventure and comfort with an historical ambiance that you will not find on any other cruise ship or sailing ship.

You can join the Stad Amsterdam for "a once in a lifetime experience" during one of her voyages.

For prices and itineraries please contact Victory Adventures.

Take advantage of costs of only about US$150/Cabin/day

   Included in charter by cabin rates:        Additional costs:
  • Cruise, cabin and meals;
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, water and fresh fruit;
  • Transfers from and to the airport;
  • Harbor taxes and mooringdues.

  • Flight and airport taxes;
  • Drinks on board;
  • Possible hotel stays;
  • Other personal expenses

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam also offers a unique location for organizing
corporate events in a historical, nautical environment, which is
nonetheless equipped with every conceivable comfort and technical

·     Top-class workshops for smaller groups
·     Exclusive dinners and lunches for up to 50 people
·     A daytrip with a maximum of 115 passengers
·     A cocktail party for up to 250 persons
·     A more day cruise for a group of 16 to 64 persons
These topics are just a few examples amongst all the many other

An adventure under sail, during which your guests will be pampered by our
professional hospitality team. The catering and service on board are both
excellent. The captain and his crew do everything in their power, every
day, to guarantee the guests of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam a once in a
lifetime experience.

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What you need to do to join us on this unique adventure.

It's simple, just contact us with a rough outline of your requirements and let me, Captain Ben, and my group to do the rest for you.

Finally there isn't much we cannot cope with. Individuals or larger parties. Just let us know.

Ring us direct by Telephone at 5661-621010

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Cabins 16 two-berth air conditioned cabins with colour television, telephone, private shower cabin and toilet, writing desk and wardrobe. All cabins are transformable to four-berth cabins.
Longroom The lounge is fitted out in style. A maximum of 50 people can be seated in the longroom. The maximum capacity for buffet dinners is 150.
Built 2000
Approved by Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Register Holland Worldwide certificates.
Owners City of Amsterdam and Randstad Holding
Rigging Three masted square rigged
Full length 250 ft - 76 metres
Length over deck 199 ft - 60,5 metres
Maximal sail Surface area 23.700 sq ft - 2.200 m2
Engine capacity 749 kW - 1014 HP
Crew 25