Draft of Poetry & Prose Book Cover

Some thoughts of Helen Garrett Pearson:
(For a book in vignettes ?)

God does care about small- great details of our lives. He wants Us to have the Best. I want to take a great many pictures. What a Garden! It almost looks like a garden of Eden, a primeval garden. This Morning's Lovely Surprise - The Red Candles out so flamingly and fully,
The Huge White Jades standing out, the Banana Trees gleaming in the Sunlight. It was a high spot in My life - a Victory. Fruition after Years of Labor, as I hope My (Poetry) Book Will Be!

I find in Christ's Love
Not a refuge
But a Light -
Not a sanctuary
But a Song -
A Song of Triumph
And Victory.

Berth 206, Terminal Island CA
March 31, 1976

Let me not think
of Circumstances
But only of
The Wondrous Deliverer,
My Christ
And My Redeemer.
Let Me Look beyond
And see
My Risen Lord!

Christ Will Answer
When You get
Your eyes
off of
And upon
Him - -
When Your
Is from
Not Others.
It is He
Who Wants to
The Miracle
In Your Life,
And Mine.
To Him be
The Glory from This Circumstance.
"No matter What
The Circumstances,
He Will Enable
To bear them,
And He Will
Deliver Us!
"Believe ! and
Christ's glorious
Gifts - - .
Feel His
Triumphant Presence.
"Exult in His Very
Presence! in Our Lives.
Today - -

-Amid dangers-

May My
But My

Do Not do
You have
A peace
about it ~


One Christmas Season long ago, God Touched My Life Miraculously. I Was very ill in Queen of Angels Hospital With What a prominent Actor once called "The Big C." He Mercifully granted My deepest Wish - to go Home to be With MY very concerned family. Truly, I was saved by Grace! Doctors had predicted after surgeries that I would have only Six to Eight Months to live.
In addition to the Wondrous gift of Life, My Heavenly Father has given Me Other rich gifts - of Writing Poetry and Song; as well as the ability to paint in oils, Which I had not known previously that I possessed. Since then, I have shared these Gifts With Many Others around The World.

One of My sons Is a Missionary in Chile. In 1986 I spent a greatly Blessed Christmas with him There, and Met charming Monica, now his Wife. The Lord illuminates and guides My Life in a continuous Ministry of Letters, Poems and Songs. I had Written to the ailing President "Ike " Eisenhower. I had Sent Two Poems on Faith, and had asked him to run again.
I had worked on his Campaign.
I was surprised to receive a warmly appreciative
and detailed letter from the White House in response.
It was the Beginning of My Writing Ministry, for it gave Me Much encouragement in trying to help others
through the hard places.
Jesus' Birthday is Very Meaningful to Me, since It was at this time that He came close to Me and Whispered, "Get Well, Helen. Work For Me, Care for Your boys". So I Always celebrate by sending out Widely a Christmas Poem, to Glorify His Most Beautiful Name.

Merry Christmas With Love,
Helen Pearson Garrett
I am
"Helena" in Chile -
Christmas 1987

I love these leisurely Mornings, gazing out to sea ~ attired in the Blue Robe to Match! I want to get back to My Little Book About The Sea! I Know it as going to sell - and I will be able to do more things to help others.
July 7, 1988

I Have not had much time for writing ~ as there is always something going on. A busy household ~ usually starting with the cooing and talking of baby Grace. She usually carries on for half an hour or so every morning. Quite entertaining! It has been a fun time to be with her. Now she is trying to roll over ~ but has not made it yet. Ben and Monica to start Missionary School sometime in Sept.
July 14,1988

Recently, a lady called me. She said that Celeste had gone on to Glory. I told her that I had been sending her poems. "Oh", she said. "You are the one! She shared them with me. You brought her a lot of joy!" (It was precious fruit!)
For a week, her words rang in my Heart like Bells..."You brought her much joy!"
May God's Light Shine on My Pathway More brightly Than ever In 1990 so that I will be enabled to Help others with my Writings... More than Ever Before!

Fire does not destroy Gold. It Makes it Shine.
So Shine!
Shine !
and forget about
The intensity of
The Fire!

March 15, 1990

There was one time in My life when I did not Know that God was Here... One stormy Night when thunder rolled, lightning flashed; when I cried out to Him in great physical pain. And He did not answer. He seemed so very far away.
And how I needed Him!
As I walked the floor in devastating suffering. By the next night I found Myself on the what to Queen of Angeles Hospital for emergency surgery.

In The Morning I had awakened to see a huge beautiful Bouquet on the bedside table. A card said " Get well, Helen" . My nurse read it to me. And it was
as though a shining Presence lingered back of it or near it- a Presence I could not clearly see. Yet it was the gentle Presence of The Good Shepherd seeing me through. He seemed to understand all the pain.
He told Me in that still, small Voice to get WELL, and to take care of My Youngsters.

He knew that was My great concern. He asked Me to do His Work in the World. I told Him I would. It was not the end of My life - but a New and Wonderful Beginning - the Beginning of a close walk with My Savior. The Beginning of A Book - A Wonderful Beginning! He gave me the gift of writing Poetry. I had always written prose before. And He gave me the mission of writing it for others.

{In 1948, her doctors had given her 6 months to live after having removed 4 1/2 feet of her cancerous small intestine, but "Helena" as they called her in Chile, worked non-stop for God in a writing ministry for another 47 years. At 8 PM, November 27, 1995, the Lord took her home at age 90. She died without pain at the "ends of the earth" in Punta Arenas, Chile. She was born in Baraboo, Wisconsin on May 10, 1905.}

Keep In His Will.
Do Everything by Prayer.
Do Not Neglect it.

Fill Your Life
With His Glorious
Praise ~ and find
Strength and happiness
In all your Days.
Keep In The Word.


Do not look
at the size
of the Problem.
Look only to Jesus.
//He is Mighty
To Save!//


Spend Time In Prayer.
It Will Change Your
Prayer enables Us to
Come Closer.
Prayer enables Us
To Live
Pray Without Ceasing.
If You Want to have
A Full Life...
First PRAY.
If You Want to
Become Richer ~ Pray.
(In Spirit)
"Prayer enables us to
Go Further".
(Title of book by Charles Spurgeon.)

Peace Like a
River ~
It Is Well -
It Is Well
With My Soul -
It is Well
With My
Soul -

So good
We can
turn it
All over
To You.


So ~ We start Over.
We Build Again,
Tears streaming down
Our faces, perhaps,
But Building again,
Brick by Brick
And stone by stone - -
A stronger structure,
A New and Better Edifice
Rising Up, Far and In
HIM - and to
His glory.


You and my sisters daughter, Sue, should be unendingly thankful to have escaped that word "Malignancy".
As I wrote Sue last year when she had a tumor operation in Washington D.C. and seemed to think it as a great hardship - - I had to go through the third drastic surgery before I could hear that wonderful phrase "No Malignancy".
It meant so Much, because I had heard it first at the Second surgery.
I had to hear that petrifying word during my second surgery, just weeks after the first operation.
Since I was still not even healed from the First surgery, they had given Me a spinal this time.
All through the first experience, all had been instructed not to tell me I had been a victim of Cancer. Later, I was so glad because My strength was so diminished that the shock Might have been too great . I - an Outdoor person, a Child of Nature Always - and Cancer! It could not be.
And yet, the new person on the team, the Italian Man, Was saying clearly, " Is that Where the Cancer was?"
"Cancer"! He had said it - the Word Everybody dreads, Cancer! The word that brings so many defeats.
But immediately I was glad that I had not been told. I had to get well for the sake of My Two Small Boys - - Waiting at for good News of the Mother they so tenderly loved. Had I known from the Beginning Maybe the huge Mountain I had to climb would have seemed too steep. Would my heart have faltered?
No, I do not believe it would - because out from the darkness that seemed to envelope Me as though I had been a little brown bulb pushing up toward the Light - My little Son's sad faces had loomed up ahead of Me clearly out of the mists swallowing me.
I had to get Well! I would get Well. I Must - - for their sweet sakes.
"Push Up through the darkness. A little harder. You Must get Well! Up, Up toward The Light, away from the darkness".
I had had an "obstruction". That was all I had been told at first - Whatever that Meant.
Then I had not known about The Second surgery. Again, I think it had been better that I did not know that was impending. It gave Me a chance to get a little foothold on Life - to reach the First Stepping Stone of "Hope" in the Climb to getting well.

Faith - The Priceless
Ingredient -
Is like Yeast In
It Grows, Spreads,
Enriches, Enlivens,
Defeats All

Look at
Your Life.
Don't just
Live it.

GOD woke me up
with these "Thoughts
In The Night".

"Make no plans
for Your future,
I Am Your Future".

" I Do All Things
Do Not try to
do them For

"It is I
Be Not

"Where I
send You,
Ye shall Go
And What
I command
You, Ye shall

"You are My
Messengers - My
Examples. Be above

"I Alone am
in Command
of your time.
I know All
of Your Goings".

"It is I

"Ye shall rise
Up with Wings
of Eagles. Ye
shall run and
not walk".


"It is I
Who Walk
Towards You
On the Water".


to speak".

"There is no
Power Shortage
With JESUS".

"Think Not What
Ye shall speak,
What Ye shall

"The Holy Spirit
Will speak and
Act through You.

Work Without Rest.
Work endlessly.
From My Work
You shall Never
Be free from Morn
Till Night
Your hands
I Need
To gather
The Harvest in.

Work For
The Night
Is Coming.

Lord of

Do Not Waste
It is Not
To Waste Your Time
Is My
Time - -
It is
Prime Time!

You shall Walk
You do Not need
Time to rest.
You shall not be
pushed More or
farther than you are
able - than HE Enables

Sunday 9/3/79

Troubles? I had loads of them -
family responsibilities; frailty
following Cancer surgeries. Name it.
I had it!
But when he opened his Bible -
and showed Me that Verse -
(Hebrews 11:1-6) - I was dazzled
by the brightness of God's
Promises - and I felt
lifted from the pains of life,
filled with hope and Courage.
Ever since, it has served as
a guide to lead Me out of
Troubles into The Light of
His Truth, and onto the firm
Foundation of HIS Love.



Day -

has Power -

I would
God -
the Touch
of God
if I
did Not
He is
a God
Love" -
And that
God has
before He
starts of
wants me
to be -
The only
thing I can
do is
to yield
so He can
make What
he envisions
for Me.

He is now Molding
and shaping and
fitting You for the
Glory He envisions
for You.



What does the
Man of the world do When
things go wrong? Usually
curses - and thus unites
with the evil one.

And the Man of God?
He prays and praises
God "in spite of" - -
And thus Unites himself
with all of the power
and resources and
inspirations of God.

Lord, I

Be a clean Vessel
Fit for HIS Use.
A golden Pitcher
To pour out
Words -

Fill Our
And all
With THY
We become What
We decide -
God stands ready
always to help
us become What We
see in Christ -

Life For Me Does
Not Have To Be
I Can Create And
My Own Beauty!
A day can be as dark
and filled with gloom as

Say -

So Many times in My
Life The Bad (as
Yesterday) is changed
Into The Good.

Jesus -
If You

When HE Is
Ready HE Will
Reach out To
In Love!

He Who dwelleth
With Thee
Is Mighty,
He Will Save.
He Will Rejoice
Over thee
With Singing.
He Will rest
In His Love.


This Treasured Spot has inspired Me ever since a freeway had gone through My lovely home in Sherman Oaks.
The only place I wanted to go was to Laguna Beach . . . where
I had written My First Poem earlier.
It is a Glorious Spot. Nothing could improve it, or replace it.
So often in My Life Something good has come from
Something bad.
I did Not want to give up My Sherman Oaks home, but
I found something better, here above The Sea . . . just being
built, almost finished.
My Little Cliff House


From One Little Grain
of Sand
A pearl can Grow,
And One Little Bit
Of Faith
Can Help You Know
There Is Someone
Who Will Understand.

My First Poem came to Me in A Miracle at The Sea!

It had Come flashing into My Life
Like a Comet, changing Everything in sight. It
Was an amazing Day at The Sea.
I had been sitting at the foot
of the cliffs across from Bird rock When It had come to Me "Out of the blue".
When I had arrived, I was Carrying a heavy load of Care . . .
But with the Poem, My Cares were lifted. My Heart became as Light as a feather. Everything Changed!
It was as though a grain
of Sand had been enlarged
Before My Eyes . . .
and The Little Poem That
Came to Me had
Captured My Thoughts, and
Lifted Them!

The Poems Continue to Come to
Me in a steady stream.
Many of them have been shared with others.
Reaching Home that
Evening, I had of course
Told my Family
about My Miracle
At The
They had been
as surprised
and as pleased about
It as I was.
While we were still talking about it we
had heard that a neighbor had been sent
to the hospital.
When I had gone over
to the home to
see what I could do -
Viviana's face was dark with worry.
Nothing I could say could seem to help lift
the darkness from her face.
I told her ~ " a little Poem
came to Me Today at The Sea.
It helped Me".
Immediately, She Was all attention.
" Could You not remember It?" She
had questioned eagerly.
I had Told Her that if She
would find me a pen
and paper, I would try to
write it down. The Lord was already using
the Poem ~ and I had not
had time to write
it down.
When I had done so, a change
had come over her face immediately.
She had begun to smile. It was quite remarkable.
"I feel Better already!" She had exclaimed.
For Now, she realized that She Was
Not alone. Someone Cared! The
Pearl of Faith had begun to Grow. . .
from the tiny Grain of Sand.

"Yesterday Was so Beautiful
At The Sea. I seemed to leave
Care behind.
The Gulls were Glorious
as They Wheeled and turned
in the Air, diving for food.
The Sea looked opalescent in
Colorings, shot through With
flashes of light.
I walked Home al along
The Shore.

And again This Morning
The Sea was Magnificent, With a rosy
Horizon Glowing over quiet Waters,
And a pale Moon hanging above
in the Western Sky.
Birds Were singing, Doves Were
Cooing On the hillsides.
Beach Weather is Here . . .
And one feels it in ones
Very Bones.

"Troubles are a
Gift from God"
- E. Stanley Jones...

Why are They A Gift?
Because We have
To grow in order to be
Able to Meet them.

I Thank Thee, Father,
For This Day,
For All of It,
The Good and The Bad,
For It's Joys
And for
The Things that
Made Me
For the Sailboats,
And the Wide
Blue Sea.
But for Troubles
Because They
Brought Me
Closer to THEE.


Join with Me In belonging to the
"No Negative Thoughts Club".
It is those Negative Thoughts That
Satan uses to Weaken You.
And Shatter Your Good Intentions.
You Say - I want a good strong Life
in place of the desolate experiences
through which I have gone. "With
Jesus to help Me Every Step of The Way!"
Mark says "You Can Have What You Say".
So Have a Good, firm, strong Life in place
of the terrible, desolate experiences through
which you have gone.
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus, And He
Can still Change Your Life
If you do not give up alcohol now You Will
just grow Older and It Will be harder.
And you will lose Control of Your Life.
If You Will learn to Think This Way
and Your Life Will Change drastically.
Just fill Your Life With JESUS Before It Is
Too Late! Every time You get a wrong
Desire - You Know Who is giving
It To You! Refuse to accept it! Say
Over and over The Name of JESUS. . .
and the Evil One Will flee! He hates the
Name of Jesus - - Who is the Miracle
Worker In Our Lives! Does the evil One
Want Miracles In Our Lives?
No, he Wants Our complete downfall -
even our death.
God Is Greater Than Any Problem
We have. Join the No Negative Thoughts
` Club!
If you Think or Say Negative Things - -
Negative Things Will Happen To You!
So if You Say ~ "It's a Miserable Day" ~
For You it Will be a miserable!
If You look on the Bright Side and say,
"Things Will get Better". . .They Will
get Better.
It Is a Spiritual Law. Bright Thoughts
Will bring Light to Your Darkness.
Satan just uses pessimistic thoughts
to make You Want to drink.
Do not think thoughts like
"I could collect cans to buy food."
Think Thoughts like " I Know
I Could get a job and Keep It.
I Know how to do good Work
and be an asset".
Jesus Loves You. Let Him Come fully
in control of Your Life. Take Your Mind
Off of Yourself - - and Keep It On Him!
Then, When You learn More of HIS Ways,
You can Help Him Win Others for His Kingdom.


God Watches over the Sparrow!
He Will watch over Randy!
Lord, Thou Knowest our
"Now Faith is The Substance
of Things Hoped For ~ The
Evidence of Things Not Seen."
Father ~ In Jesus' Name
Bring him home safely.
Light Came ~ and They closed
Their eyes to the Light.
It is Important for us t know
What God Is Saying
While you gather the Tares ~
In Jesus' Name May
Nothing prevent Randy
from going to "Set Free".
And from getting his
Cure from alcoholism.
How Many ways can We
Praise Him?
He sets the Captives
Shine On!

Cover Randy
With Thy
Him from
All Evil.

My Prayer Is That God Will fill .......
Heart With Glory...
With Joy running Over!
May there be No Negatives in his thoughts ~
But only Joy in The Lord ~ and a
Desire to fulfill His Purpose in
his life.
Telling him "The happiest People are
Those Who lose Themselves in helping

God's Goal
Is Not to push
Us into a
Corner - -
But to get Us
Out of a Corner!

When - in dying condition
19 years ago, My Prince
reached down and
Awakened Me - on that
Hospital Bed - as One
Who had been half alive,
half sleeping - close to
God in a way, but still so far
Away that When the
Darkness fell and the
Chasms of Pain sought
to Conquer Me, I could
not find Him!
Now Alive - fully
Awake Using every
sense and talent for His
Dec. 19, 1965


Dear Heavenly Father ~
We Come to You This Morning filled with your Love and Joy.
Our Faith in You burns as brightly as Many Lighted Lamps.
May We follow You as Closely as The Sheep follow Their Shepherd.
You are Our Almighty King!
May We submerge our own desires
and plans in Your Larger Plans.
We know that The Sheep have No mind of their own but they follow the Leadership of The Shepherd.
They Make themselves subservient To His Will in All Things.
We know that You Know The Way, and from Your Side We shall not ever Stray.
So May We follow You In All of Your Ways . . .
At all Times.


Thought - It is Wonderful
Leading a God Inspired Life!
It is so exciting! One Never Knows
When there is going to be
some interesting experience -

I Am Expecting a Day of Great Joy On Thanksgiving Day. I Know it will be glorious as I walk Through it With You . . . as in My Poem ~ " I See A Bluebird".*
May the Blessings You bestow Upon Me on That Day be Multiplied - and overflow to others; that others May see the Beauty of a Life lived For You . . . and With You!
And Dear Father, May I teach Others Not to be afraid, as You have Taught Me so Well; but to Trust You implicitly For Everything; To Praise You For Everything! The Good and The Bad. For I Know So Well That For Me You Always Turn The Bad Into Good!
And so, My Father, I look forward With the Uttermost Joy To My Day of Thanks To You and Your Wonderful Son, Jesus.
May You be Glorified Together By All that I Say and Do, and May Your Holy Spirit Lead Me always.


I see a Bluebird
In the Willow Tree
The Sun has risen
Over The Brook
And There Jesus
Waits for Me.

All day I shall
Walk and Talk
With Him,
It will be All
Joy to my Heart.
His Joys become
My Joys.
His Sorrows
Stand for
All the woe
My swelling
Shall surely
For He keeps
coming back
To me and
Knocking at
My Door.
He walks
With Me
So often
Ever more

and more.
He is always
So Cheerful
and He tells Me
not to fear.
He always says,
"Be not afraid,
For I Am Here."
He is very active,
And He
Says "let us go"
Where He intends
To Lead Me
I never know.

But I just put
My hand in His,
as we walk
And as I do
My Life
Becomes All
Because with
Each hour is so
exiting ~ and somehow
Very grand
with Him I Never
have to feel that
I might be
Lost upon
Life's Strand ~

My Father, a Wisconsin Senator,
Influenced my life greatly.
Although he died When I Was Twelve, he had
by that time given Me enough
inspiration and encouragement to last
A Lifetime. Then . . .
My Mother Carried On ~
Beautifully! She encouraged Me in Everything . . .
In Everything I did.

"If I write 'Many Poems' and Songs during Troubles, then Troubles are my Friends."

"Faith comes by hearing and fear comes by hearing".

"The more we sit in front of television, the duller we become".
We proclaim the word...

The Word is working mightily
in you
That is why it
is so important not to
dwell on negative things.
Control your mind.

People do not Always have to Understand.
One cannot make everybody happy.
What matters is that we make HIM happy,
and keep obedient to HIS Will.
December 21 1991

It's the Soul
afraid of Dying
That Never learns To


I was lying there so still in that hospital bed - just a pale wraith in much pain. I had been having surgery for the second time.
My Special Nurse said - "Why do you not brighten yourself up for your family?"
She next day had brought her own Red polish from home, and put it skillfully put it on my nails.
What a difference it made in My feelings!
Miraculously my spirits rose. I would make it! I was not as badly off as it had seemed. The whole World seemed brighter. Even the pain seemed lessened.
That is the reason I call the color Red My Courage Color and it still is. It still gives me a lift out of the doldrums which sometimes come to everyone no matter how cheerful a disposition.
June 27, 1987


Faith holds it Together. Faith Dares! If We could See Our answer, it would Not be Faith. And Faith is one of the strongest elements on Earth! God wants us to grow in Faith in Him and in His ability to Help us in Power and Glory.
July 12, 1987


Are not from God. They are from
the Evil One. Of course he does not want
Us to succeed. He wants us to fail.
But In JESUS there is only Victory.
The more We fill Our lives With
Him - the More We begin to feel
the thrill of a New Expectancy.
First, We Must realize our
Need. Second, We must believe Christ can
Meet that need.
The Third Step of The Christian
Gospel - We Must Ask for Christ's help.
Jesus told Us,
"And All Things Whatever Ye
ask in prayer - Believing, Ye shall
receive. Matt. 21:22.
The limit He places is Not
On His ability Or Willingness to give - but on Our Willingness to ask and
Our Capacity to Believe.
Think good Thoughts
For: if you think bad
Thoughts ~ they will
Already be bringing
Bad circumstances
to you.

But the Air Is Rich
Along This Walk ~
It has the distillation
Of Mountain Air
And We Walk in
Victory Leaving
Care Behind.

He Is Our Resource - Our Only One.
As Children, We lived On a hill and
Below the hill was a brook that sang
Beautifully all the day long, all the Night long.
A few times during The Summer We would follow
The brook on a long trek Up to it's
Source - A clear, sparkling Spring.
May Our Lives Always Copy The
Brook's As We receive The Living Water
Of HIS Word . May Our Hearts sing
A beautiful constant Song as the Brook
Does, on and on, without interruption.

When You
Get to the
end of Your
Hang on
To It!


Grow in Grace and Glory.
Do Not listen to the Voice
Of The World. You have already
been through All That.
But Now All is different.
You know without the shadow of a
doubt that You are of God's Chosen
Ones, just as Your Mother knew When I
delivered her from cancer.
Your deliverance from the Sea Was
A Marvel of My Love and Grace.
Remember the Nine Who did not Come
To Glorify and Live for Me In all humility?
I Want You as The One Who Came Back
and Glorified Me.
Your Mother is One Who did and does.
Try to discipline Your Prayer Life
As she has ~
By starting Your Days With The Lord's
Prayer and the Twenty Third Psalm. It
Gives Me an Opportunity to speak the
Other Thoughts I Want to convey. They Make
You an open pipe, as I have Made Her. They
convey Your Worship of Me, and Your glorification of Me, and start My Spirit Working in You for Other Thoughts I Wish to convey to You ~ and
Through You. So lay aside Every Weight
Of The World.
Let them not allure You for a Moment from
My Side.
They have appointed Your Mother Your Spiritual
Adviser. Listen to Her. She seeks Nothing For
Herself. I Want You to seek Nothing for Yourself.
Only for Me and My Kingdom.
For This Purpose, My Purpose, All of My
Purposes ~ I have led You to This
Hour ~ this situation.
Tribulation Worketh Patience. Patience is
a great Virtue. It Will Greatly help Your
Work or My Kingdom.
I Want You to labor in My Vineyard.
This is a Royal Command. What I offer
You is Far above The Riches of The World,
a far greater treasure than Gold or Rubies.
I ask You to Make Me the Center of Your
Life, and to look to Me at All Times, In
All Things.
Then it is I Who Will Lead The Way,
I who Will use you as a Yielded Vessel
For My use.
Glorify My Name. Live in "Newness of
The Life" I have given Back to You
As a Renewal of Life. Be fearless,
radiant and Free... that others May
See Your Joy In Me.
Through Your Experiences, let the knowledge
of Me and My Deliverance
Like A Bright Star ~
That others May be guided
By My Light and led to It.

*For I Am The Bright
And Morning Star,
The Savior of The World.*

The time is short. Save All You
Can for Me.
They Will be as
Jewels in Your Crown.
I have not forgotten The White
Ship You built for Me,
And how You Wanted Everything
White and Beautiful... full of
Grace. You even Named Her
"The Good Ship Grace".
I am not ready to reveal
Anything regarding Her Now.
But You May Know that Nothing
Is Wasted in My Plan, absolutely
Be content and continue to Glorify
My Name.


As I awaken comes to Me ~
This Simple Word - Suffice.
"I Will suffice for Your Need
In All Things. Just
Keep Your Eyes on Me.
I Will provide for You In the Riches
Of My Glory.
Share, Helen. Be My Sweet Messenger
Of Love To All Peoples.
Strengthen their Faith by Your Witness
Of All I have done for YOU.
We Know What That Is! That Would
Fill a Book!


The Lord
has told Me
from the
of My
Not to
Think Negative
This is the basis
of all My Writing
Not to think Negative ~

but constructive Thoughts.
Which is Why People
Love My Writings.

LifE Does Not have to be Beautiful

Life for Me does not have to be
Beautiful. I can Create and develop
My own Beauty.
It does not have to be particularly
Happy in it's circumstances. I can
still bring Happiness to others.
In this plan for living
lies Serenity, great Peace.
One can stop striving for
the ideal life, for one
Already has it in All of
It's simplicity. It is the plan I Have
evolved from the Ways
in Which God has Opened
Doors for Me.
"As poor but Making
Many rich ~
As sorrowing
Yet Always
And it is a plan Which
Always Works. *
A day Can be as ordinary
And Unadorned and
Gloomy and dark as
Anything You Might
Buy I can decorate it With
the Wealth of Gifts
Which God has given
Me. I find Within
Myself, the ability to do
*One of them is the Gift
of loving Others, and
of doing little things for them ~ no matter how
small the things May
Even a *Smile to
someone Who particularly
needs a smile May
be an Answer for him.
The Gift of Prayer ~ ~
Is to Me the precious
Gift of God; of feeling
Thankful and praising
Him for all of His Goodness
To Me ~ and Mine...
and to those others Whom My
life touches.
I place the Highest Value
Upon the Gift of being
able to intercede for
Others. *
When I cannot find
A Way to aid them
Myself, I can Always
*lift them Up to Our
Heavenly Father, In
JESUS' Lovely Name.

Feb. 11, 1984

The "Word
Is a Light
On My
And a
My feet."

We must Never , Never rationalize
The Gospel,
"Grammie", a Minister's daughter
Always said, "I Believe Every Word of
The Bible". That is the Shining heritage
She gave Us ~ Her strong Belief in the Purity
Of The Word.
When we begin to tamper with The
Word, it is like taking planks out of
a Building... and the Foundation falls too.
Then there is Nothing left.

Grace pulled
Herself Up By
Hanging Onto
My Red Pants
And Stood
There just
Talking to Me
in her funny
little language
as though She
knew You Were
leaving and
She Wanted
tell Me
A Special
It Was
One of The
Of My
It was unforgettable ~ that radiant,
confiding Smile. The place Where she
stood at the end of the Sofa is like
hallowed ground to me.
When she smiles, I know What
Heaven is like!
I have Never
Forgotten how
Adorable It

Thank You
For Her ~ Lord!
Bless Her Sweet Life!
She is a Very Personafication
Of Love.

In order to Work
Out HIS Own Plans,
God for a time
Had to take
Away My favorite
Sport ~ Walking
Around Laguna
Beach... but
It is Only temporary.
He has Promised
Me that He "Will
Not Always Chide" ~
That HE Will
"Deliver Me from
Six Troubles ~ Yes
in Seven."
He let Me have
a double Whammy ~ ~
the injury to My
recovered knee and a
hernia Which it is
not advisable to operate
On as that kind
Comes back again.
Between The Two
I have suffered
much pain this
Year. But I have
not complained because
is that I should help
To "Uplift and
Redeem Man."
Of Necessity,
I Must stay off
of My feet a
Great deal.
And While I am
sitting ~ He Can pour
Into Me All of The
Dear Thoughts From
His Wellspring Which
He Wants Me
To Convey to Others.

It has been a Joy to do His
Bidding ~ and Never has My
Writing flowed as freely as
Now ~ in these very
painful Circumstances.

I rejoice! That I have
thus been able
To fulfill
His Highest
Wishes for
Me ...

Nov. 20, 1990

Do Not plan things out
For HIM. For HE has
His Own Plans! HIS Own
Thoughts! They are Way More
Far-Reaching than Our
Thoughts could possibly Be!
Let HIM Reign
Supreme in
Your Lives.

The Christmas Season is My Time
of Great Rejoicing and Great Praise to God. He gave Me back My Life...So that I could raise My Children and be a Blessing To Many Others.
And Always He Arranges to Make
It A Most Exciting Time... A
fascinating Time; When He does
not reveal Himself until the last Minute of Hoping ~
"You Will Find The Babe Wrapped
In swaddling clothes... lying in a
Manger." The Verse Was Given to Me so strongly
That I Never questioned it's Meaning ` for
I Know that Meant The Babe Was
bringing HIS Joy To The World... and especially at that time To Me.

I have never thought Much on illness ~ but looked Away instead
To The Wholeness of God.
Also I Never looked for symptoms.
I just Wholly Trusted God!

"How did You Get over Cancer ~

One of the World's most deadly killer diseases?"

"The Eagle Rises against
A resisting Medium.
It's the set of the Wings
That does it. It rises
Upward by the very
force of the Storm
Itself." - E. Stanley Jones

His kind of thinking
and Way of interpreting
The Bible gave Me a
Whole New Outlook as
I started to climb the
Ladder of Faith to
Victory in getting Well
from Cancer ~ ~ When
Doctors said I Would not
recover for More than
6 to 8 months.
His Way of turning
into Victory
Was the Triumph.

God has given
Me Many Gifts
But Money
Has Not
Been One ~

Without a Firm Foundation
Nothing Lasts. But Christ
Gives Us Eternal Values.

Every Week
I spend 50
Hours writing.

Just a Little Bit Better
Every Day is What
I humbly seek and Pray!

Resentment Means "To feel over again." We are just feeling Over ~ and We do not want to do that.
We Want to grow and develop
More loving thoughts.

The Rose blossoms on the New Grownth...Not on the old.

When the Doctors had been a little grim in their predictions, I had said firmly, "But I Believe in Prayer!"
And as We Carry this belief into every facet of Our lives, HE does Not disapoint Us.

I so Wanted You to know the Jesus Who had seen Me through Cancer (From Which doctors thought I Would not recover) and Who had enabled Me to Meet every hard facet of My life with Courage and Hope ~ and With Faith In a good outcome!

I Believe in Good Outcomes With Wonderful Reason for doing so.

I have found that when Our Needs are so Great We realize What a Friend We have in Jesus ~ A Friend With a Capital F.
Learn to Pray and Give Him Praise and read The Bible. That is the Way You Get to know HIM.
"What a Friend We have In JESUS, All our sins and grief to bear. What a Privelege to Carry Everything to HIM In Prayer!"

You are Never Out
Of HIS Care.

I want to
Write Out
What My
Are ~
To Write it
and expect
Nothing from
It ~

Work Without Rest
Work endlessly.

We Must
Pray About It.
About Everything!
We Must
Do Nothing Without Prayer.

Work For
The Night
Is Coming.

Do Not Waste
It is Not
To Waste.
Your Time
Is My
Time ~ ~
Prime Time!

I Listen
For a
Gentle Voice
A Firm

You stand firmly
On The Rock Christ Jesus

The Lord cannot Spare Any of Your
Time ~
You shall Walk
You do Not Need
Time to rest.
You shall not be
pushed More or
farther than You are
able ~ than HE enables

The Day Has Already

HIS Purposes Come
First In Everything.


Just Let Things Happen
According to My Will.

God Knows
Every Thought
You think,
Sees Your
Every Action
Before Your
Every Thought
And Deed.
Knowing This
Should be
A strong
To You.

And the fact
That We
Have followed
HIS Leadings
Is All
The reward
We Need
Know ~ ~
For to answer
HIS bidding
Gives us
The strength
That helps
Us to Grow

Sometimes My
Poems Come
to Me
I Have to
Work at.

When We All See JESUS
We Will sing and shout
The Victory! The Victory!

Soon the pearly gates
Will open.

Hannah Whitall Smith
In the beloved
"A Christian's
Of a Happy
Life ~

"You do Not
Go by fellings!
You go
By Faith!
You do Not
By Sight!
You go
By Faith

We do mot know What
The Lord Wants to
Make of U, as He
Carves us out, chips
away at our stony
hearts and lives.
We Must be as
putty in HIS Hands,
that He May Work
in Us and through
Us. He Wants Us to be
Fluid ~ so that we can
Be Poured Out to Others...
As from Golden Pitchers.

"Go here ~ go there" ~
People say.
But God says
HE Will Make
A straight Path
Before You.
On the Path
Of Faith.
Only Believe.
Dispel Heaviness of
Spirit by Spirit of Praise.

"Path of Faith
Where the air
Is still...
The scent

For Ben & Rod:

Your religious background goes back to The Mayflower and the plans Made for her future by The Reverend John Robinson.
Your genealogy connects you to him through Fear Robinson, Who Was his daughter.
The Reverend John Lothrop, another Englishman Was also a member of our family.
His Church still stands in London England. He later came to America and established a Church in New England. Also he helped to found Dartmouth College.
There have been Ministers and Missionaries all through your family.
Your Great great Grandfather, Thomas Christian Armour, Was a Minister and Poet ~ and also on your father's side, Bennett Garrett the 1st was known as a great Minister. Edward and Sam Fuller of the Mayflower are also your ancestors.

I'll Be
I'll be
The End

Faith Acts
Faith Never retreats unless it is to rest awhile ~ And
rise again, stronger than before.

I have climbed those hills Many times in heavy snow ~ and so sadly at the time of lambing When the snow had been late,
and the sheep had no protection for
their lambs. I could hardly bear to see them suffer as I passed on My Way over the hill to school.

I received the Most Wonderful Gift from Ben, Monica, and Baby Grace ~ a large picture of Monica and Ben With baby Grace in the Middle. They All Three have radiant smiles. It was taken at a woodyard in Chacota, Chile. They are all smartly dressed, but leaning up against a pile of sawdust. There is a Blue, Blue Sky and those fluffy Trees they have there outlined on the hill back of them.
They are a Perfect Picture of Peace and Happiness. It is a Treasure; more precious than Gold. The Baby Grace Wears a little flight jacket and tiny corduroy pants. And a smile that Would reach a heart of stone. I can hardly Keep My Eyes off of it.
Such Valiance in the face of adversity one seldom sees. They are heroic. They remind Me of What E. Stanley Jones, the great Missionary, said in his book ~ Which showed Me a New Way of Overcoming problems. He said "Christianity Is a Doctrine In Spite Of."

Hugging as a "Punishment"
A child psychologist on radio told how she uses hugging as a Way of teaching her little girl ! she just picks her Up if she has not obeyed and hold her firmly for 20 minutes.
She said you Would be surprised at the good results.
The little one soon learns What it is for ~ and it is a time of closeness and learning.
You could talk softly and tenderly to her.
Thank You, God for Baby Grace! And for Ben and Monica!

I am Wasting HIS Time
That He gives Me
If I think Wastefull

We Were
Crushed by
events ~
Let God
The Great
Mold Us,
rebuild Us.

More and More,
I see it
is the deep
Which cut us
to the quick
and seem
to slash
Our lives
To pieces,
Which God
is using
To enlarge
Our lives,

Trust God.
Just those
Two dynamic
Words helped
Me Greatly


My Castle In The Sky...
You have to reach it
From on High.
Because it truly is
A Castle In The Sky,

So Come To My
In The Sky,
But Remember - -
You have to
Reach it from
On High!

I Have A Castle
In The Sky
You have to Come
To it
From On High.
But Come to My
And See
How Great
Is Your

December 1, 1987

Help Me, Benito, To
Make My Dream Come
True of My Castle ~ Just
As I am trying to help
Your Dreams Come true
of Yours.

I am Trying My Best to obey
The Lord. He has asked Me to
Obey Him in the smallest things as well
as the Largest.

"Be like a pipe
thru Which flows
the Waters of
Words of

"You Will show No
distress in the heat
of the drouth."

"Come to Me.
Let The Spirit
Bring You


When You start Out on the
Path of Faith... You do not Just Try It and See If It Works.
You do Not just turn down a Road and See if You Can find Your Rainbow.
It is a long road; not really a road at all ~ But A Walk, A Walk of Faith...
Where so often there are No signposts ~
No pathway under ones feet.
But the Air is Rich along This Walk.
One Can breathe With the fullness and gloriousness Which are achieved in the distillation of Mountain Air. The
Cleanliness and rarity of Pine fragrance Come to One's nostrils.

Someway, One's feet seem to trod lightly, easily... And one leaves Care Behind.

He is Leading From Up ahead.
Do Not go ahead of Him.

Where I Can I
like to help Change
The World for Someone, Even
As God has Changed
My World.

I Never regret My struggles through
Cancer ~ because it has brought Me through To such a close Walk With The Lord
When people ask Me how I recovered
I say " I kept My Eyes On The Lord ~
Never taking them off, never listening to Negatives or discouragements. Trusting All
to Him implicitly! Then I can hold out the Hand of Faith to Others Who Need Help ~

To a son who had eye problems:

I surely am Praying around the Clock for Your Eyes that laugh Up at Me every day from Your Baby Picture!
Sometimes When things come to Us, it is that God is trying to gain Our attention.
He is Mighty to Save.
So Many times He has touched Me With HIS Healing Touch.
Keep Your Eyes On Him, and do Not take them off. I Have Written Ben to Pray With Me
For You ~ for " the Greatest Book In The World" says "When Two or
Three are gathered Together In My Name ~ ~ there am I in the
Midst of them." So Two Together praying for something are stronger than one alone.
Seek Him, and You Will find HIM. Follow Him and Your life Will take on a richness beyond What You have dreamed.

A lot had
Gone Wrong ~
The pieces Were
So small. But
I gave them to
The Lord to put
back together
And HE did.

There Is A Rainbow
Up Ahead
Of Me
Just around
The Bend.

This Little Mouse
Does Not like
At All!
She would rather
be in the Wings ~
listening With eyes
shining to What
Was going on
Out in the
Center of The

God Lets
Me Know
What He
Wants Me
To Do
And I Do
That Is
All There
Is To

The Resurrected Life.
See Me through
See Me Through!
Cheer Up! Jesus Will
See You Through ~

I have Made Myself Available To The Lord and Wherever He has sent Me With My Poems, I have hurried to go .
My Letters have carried the Wisdom He has imparted to Me by His Grace.

"Your Piece of Writing is so true.
Someone stopped by the other day, and said 'So Many older Women Whom I meet cannot find anything to do with their time. But You are so full!"

And it is true ~to running
over! Each Day The Lord
Fills My Empty Cup.

Today I wrote poetry all day.

Not Self-fulfilling but God's purposes being fulfilled Through us.

If I do Something to Make Someone Unhappy ~ I always like to Make it Up Double.

"Know the Truth ~ And
The Truth Will Set You
Free as The Birds of The Air.

My Special Christmas Story

As I look at the Tiny Tree With It's Small Presents On the glass-topped Table, I am reminded of how Much I Want to proclaim The Joy of Christmas.
I Leave it there All The Year to remind Me of This Wondrous Season of Christ's Birth, and What It Meant to Me.
One Christmas some time ago, I Was in "Queen of Angels" Hospital, fighting to Live against the dread disease of Cancer.
How I Wanted to Go Home for Christmas to be With My Two Small Sons! My Wish Was Marvelously Granted. I saw as God gave Me the Precious Gift of Life.
I Had prayed and prayed for My Wish to come True, and It did!
It Was an Unforgettable Christmas.
I finished reading my gift Book about Miracles While lying on the Rose-colored Sofa at Home. My Two Young Sons Were always Nearby.
I Have tried in Every Way to show My Gratitude to My Heavenly King By following as closely as I can In His Footsteps.

The Gifts

God makes My Life Wonderful With The gifts He has Given Me. These have been Gifts of Writing Poetry and Song, and Gifts of Painting and Drawing.
Besides, I have had a rapport With People Which has brought Me great Joy. We have shared Our Faith, and Also our Love of Painting. The Four Painting and Drawing Classes I attended Were a delight... but the ability to lift Weary hearts With My Poems, Letters and Songs has brought Me the deepest Happiness.
Many Times, I have Written to people in Need of Uplift for a Year and More at a time. Most of Them, I barely know or had just met. But if Our Heavenly Father put them on My Heart, that Was sufficient.
At present, I am spending much time Working on My Books. However so far I am continuing With My "Writing Mission", as people call it. For When Someone is helped by Thoughts With Which God has helped Me, I find it so rewarding.

Work For The
Night Is Coming

All dies If Courage

Without Him I would
Not a mountain

Courage Is The Gift Of

Every Little Step Is

I Was Made
To Praise
You. I Will
Praise You!
In Every
I Will Always
Love You.
I Will Always
Praise You!

Then there Were My own severe setbacks ~ ~
So severe that I had to turn it all over to God.
Doctors had said They could do Nothing.
My Faith began to grow by leaps and bounds. I could depend on no one but God.
Doctors had said "No", but God kept telling Me "Yes". "Live and Work For ME."
And Yet, considering Everything ~ It has been such a Glorious Life of Fulfillment. God has given Me talents and I have developed Them and Used them to help others.


Bright as a Lighted Candle
Shines In My Heart
My Love for Thee
Bright as the gleaming
of a Star...
that shining Love Sets
Me Free!
the gleaming
of a Star...
And that shining Love
Sets Me Free.
Free from Doubt
And free from
All worry Now
has flown on swift
Wings - I know not
where. I only know
It to be gone.

And Peace that passeth
Fills My Waiting
Joy floods All My
Being as it's ugly

Thy yoke Is Easy.
Thy Burden is
And even through
The darkest Night
I have no fear

This is My Third Poem, One
of The First Four Which
helped Me so much during
that Third Hospital experience at Queen Of Angels Hospital.
Lying there so thin and pale , a
stomach pump plugged in at
the Wall, I barely had the
energy to Move. Yet I could still
Smile. On the outside of My door,
The Nurses said there was a sign
reading :
"Nothing By Mouth"
Yet inside the room, the Walls
seemed lighted by a Warm,
Mellow light. Every time the
interns punched My Veins
So that I Could receive
liquid Nourishment I Would
say Over One of The Four Poems.
The Nurses Made of My
Room a Center. When
finally after Many tests,
I had been taken Up
for More surgery, they had
flocked into My room, I Was
later told.
I could Never forget Sister
Annella. She Would bring other
patients in to see Me ~ Ones Who
had perhaps been complaining ~ ~
or were hard to please.
"She Can take it!" She Would
But it Was God Who Was
seeing Me through With such
Grace* and Glory. I know
Another Gift Which I
received during this time
of struggle and Victory
Was in knowing "Handy
Andy", an aide Who often
Came to see Me. He Would
Always say, "Everything We
Have and Are Comes From
Since that time of My
life, I have Written
hundreds and hundreds
of poems and have shared
them With Presidents and
The Very poor alike.
With anyone in Need for any reason.
I spent some time
sorting out things in
The basement...`
I found Poems
I had forgotten I had
Written ~ ~ One about The Grand Canyon. Many about
Faith; and how God Works
in Our lives With His deep
Love and Care.
He sculpts Us; He Carves
Us Out ~ as Michelangelo
Carved out the little Boy ~
because He sees in us
the perfect image of
What HE Wants Us
to be. The hard times
are growing times, and
they are testings. I know
they have helped Me to
grow ... and reach high
pinnacles of Faith.

Feb. 11, 1984


Make Me
More humble,
Take All the husks
Leaving Only
The pure Beauty
Of My Soul
To Worship
This Day.

I Want to give out
Only Love; for When We
do that only Love Can
return to Us. Fire cannot
quench Love, the Bible says.
It is the strongest force
in the World... Because
it is of God ~ It Can
Cast off fiery darts
Of the Wicked One.
I thought I Was all
Over feeling resentment
At a Certain person's
actions ~ ~ but there
Came the fiery darts
There I Was, feeling resentment
instead of forgiveness, as
Our Heavenly Father asked
of Us.
Resentment forms a shadowy
Cloud between Us and God.
He cannot Work in Our
lives as He desires While
we hold resentments.
Each Morning When I
Awaken I say The Lord's
Our Father
Who Art
In Heaven,
Hallowed be
THY Name.
Give Us This Day
Our Daily Bread
And Forgive Us
Our Trespasses
As We Forgive those
Who tresspass
Against Us.
Lead Us Not into
But deliver Us
From evil,
For THINE is
The Kingdom
And The Power and
THE Glory Forever.

How happy I Was When I
Was released from the
burden Which resentment and hate
Always brings.
It does Not hurt the One
Who is resented. He goes
on his Merry Way! But
it leaves it's posessor
With a stone around
his (or her) neck...
I am going to think
Loving and Kind Thoughts
in an instance Wherein I
expressed Myself Otherwise...
(and the


My Faith in Thee
Is like a Lighted
Casting It's rays
Upon Paths
Obscured to Me.
What Matter
Those Paths
I Cannot
My Next Step
Is safe and sure
In Thee.

This Was
My Second Poem ~

And this One really helped
Me When My veins were hurting in the Hospital when they Were punched so often.

That Dream
Has Given
A Reality!

It is HIS


Have No Negative Thoughts.
His Purposes Come First.
He follows a Plan
and in time We learn
How Great Is The Way
of HIS HEART. And ~
WE SHALL find The
Path by HIS Chart.


Be Trusting In All You
Say and Do. Shine
For HIM as Light
In a Dark World.



AUG. 27, 1962


AUG. 27, 1962

Not knowing which way to turn ~ but only waiting for
Him to fill me ~ for Him to give the answers ~ ~
For Him to lead the way . . .

Aug. 27, 1962

Read in Ben's troubles Sept. 15, 1964

As I sit here before the bright open fire, looking out at the beautiful sea on this date of Mother's Birthday... I look back to other years at this season of Christ's, and also of Mother's birth.

One Christmas Season which seems to stand out above all others is the one fourteen years ago when I was in Queen of Angels Hospital undergoing cancer surgery.
I was critically ill. Would I ever go home again?

Yes, I thought ~ with God's help and Dr. Cambell's courage, and my own faith ~ I would go home. I would go home for Christmas!

It all came true. God reached down and touch my life with a strong hand. I went home for a radiant Christmas with my beloved family.

In appreciation to Him ~ and because I should love to see you before going East to write, and paint again, I am giving a little open House party New Years Day.

Time: 2:30 on....

It will be in a small way a benefit for the children who need help to walk at Casa Colina, Pomona. I, too, have needed help to walk... and God has put their need on my heart.

I have been remembering, too, how at the same crucial Christmas time, old friends gifted me with the book "The Miracle of The Bells". This book inspired me deeply ever after with it's message of peace and good will toward all men.

This year I thought how badly the world needed another Miracle of The Bells.

It is my hope that with this party for ailing children ~~ at this busy time ~~ we may create our own small miracle of love and care for others. There will be a small white box to receive our remembrances to them.

Happy Holidays

December 19, 1960


I want to give out Only Love; for when We do that Only Love Can return to Us. Fire Cannot quench Love, the Bible says.
It is the strongest force in the World... Because it is of God ~ It Can Cast off the fiery darts of the Wicked One.
I thought I Was all Over feeling resentment at a certain person's actions ~ ~ but there Came the fiery darts again!
There I Was, feeling resentment instead of forgiveness, as Our Heavenly Father asks of us.
Resentment forms a shadowy Cloud between Us and God. He Cannot Work in Our lives as He desires While We hold resentments.
Each Morning When I awaken I say the Lord's Prayer:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

How happy I Was When I Was released from the burden Which resentment and hate Always brings.
It does Not hurt the One Who is resented. He goes on his Merry Way! But it leaves it's possessor with a stone around his (or her) neck.
It has taken Me All this time, to tell You that I am going to think Loving and Kind Thoughts in and instance Wherein I expressed Myself Otherwise.

(and the provocation Was Great.)

MAY 9, 1981

There Was Only One Path
For Me to take, and I took
it; the Way, His Way ~ of
Poetry and Song.

I do not think
In terms of
But in The
Way I feel...
And I feel Young,
Vital, Vibrant
And adventurous ~
Even daring this
Thanksgiving Morning.
And Every

October 9, 1993

He takes My Hand!
He Leads Me into
Safe, Green Pastures.
I am Happy In
Jesus All The Day
My Lovely Lord
Who doth to Me
Every Grace accord.
I am Happy In Jesus
All The Day Long.

September 30, 1993


Ben an I started to go to Castro, then remembered
We had a package to deliver at a Church in Ancud.
So We turned around and took the road to Ancud.
Soon We heard an odd sound Coming from the Car somewhere! Ben had just said he had to buy a better jack, because it Would take a long time to change a tire should he Need to With the old One.
We had to stop the Car; and We found there Was a large blowout in the tire.
Just then I looked down the road behind Us, and saw a little Yellow Car Coming!
"There is a Car Coming! Hadn't We
better hail them? There Might not be
another for an hour", I said to Ben.
So he did. The young Man
Who stopped and came toward Us looked like an Angel! He Wore a big smile all of the time. He Was so swift that in a Short time he had the job done.
And he still had that angelic
Smile as he drove Away.
Surely God had sent him, When We needed
Someone Most!


If You Are Needy
And You Pray -
Someone Will
Come to lead
Your Way.
Someone Will
Come to Help
Carry Your Cross.
Someone Will
Come to assuage
Your loss.
Then When You
At The Saviors
Feet -
He Will fulfill
His promises
If You Are Needy
And You Pray - -
Someone Will
To Lead Your

June 30, 1986


It's a Joy and a Surrender
And a resting In Thee,
It's a Knowledge that When
Thou Wilt fully succor
It's a Faith to feel Thy
Pathway underneath My
Seeking feet.
It's a Whispering Hope
To guide Me and Make Life
serene, Worthwhile and sweet.
Then When "The seeing"
Comes along With These ~ and the veil is torn Away, I'll Know the
Meaning of the Wantings and I'll be Rejoicing All The Day.
It's a Waiting and a Believing ~ A Trusting
In Thee.
It's a Knowledge that when
Ready Thou Will surely Set Me

Given by me When I had a Writing ~ Painting Studio in San Diego for a time at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Nutmeg. When I came in one day, Our maid was Waiting for Me. She had been reading My Poems, Which Were tacked to the Wall.
She Was holding her side. Later she had gone to a hospital. I had mailed her This Poem. She had not Survived her surgery, sadly.
Her family ~ in a body, had Come to See Me... the office Manager informed Me. They Were Waiting in The Rectors Study, She said.
"But I cannot go down like this!" I had told her. I was dressed in a Pink Muumuu, and Was Wearing Gold Slippers. But she had said they could not Wait. So, in My Golden Slippers, I Went down to see these dear People from the Afro-Methodist Church, They Were Wonderful People, All dressed in their Best.
They insisted that I give This Poem at Juanita's funeral.
"But I Cannot!", I told them. "I Am not a Speaker, I am a Writer!"
However, they kept calling, saying, "You can do it, you did it for us in the Rector's Study", they continued urging.
One of My Sons Was Visiting Me, and he rehearsed Me All Evening. It began to sound Better and Better. Perhaps I Could do It.
A friend had taken the day off to go With Me. A Very nice Man had Met Me, and showed Me My Name on the Program; and how to use the Microphone.
The Church Was packed. Afterwards at the graveside above The Sea, (Juanita's husband Was in the Navy) the Pastor had come to Me and said, "That Was a Beautiful Poem, and Beautifully Read.
May I have a Copy of it?"
A nice Woman had presented Me With a Nosegay of Red Roses. I Appreciated That.
Which all goes to show Us That We Can Do The Impossible; that Good Can Come Out of Bad!
It is My Hope that Many, Many People Will Come Closer to The Lord and HIS Will for us during This Great Emergency.
For several Years Our Heavenly Father has impressed Upon Me to Write Juanita's Story... and Now In This Emergency, I have done It.


If you keep going around With the same Crowd, Satan Will be right there to Make his attacks!
If You do Not Commit Your Whole Life to Him ~ Your Whole Life and Your Ways ~ You are Not Part of His Family ... The Family of God.

If anything happened to You Now, You Would not go to Heaven.

You Cannot fool God. He Knows Everything about You ~ even Your inmost Thoughts.
Satan Would love to have You Completely in his grip. He seems to be Winning over Jesus in Your Life.
Going to Church is Nothing to The Lord if You do not LIVE IT.
Unless You intend to follow Jesus and become One of God's Family ~ ~ You are Completely "Missing the Boat!"

He Days "Keep Me First, and I Will Keep You First". Your Dad and I keep that in our Wallets.
Being a Christian is Like Your Dad and Myself ~ ~ Giving Up Everything for the tremendous Joy of becoming More and More like Jesus. Then God rewards Us in Many Ways.
We Must be Kind, Tender, Loving, Forgiving.
He died for Our Sins On The Cross!
No sin is too great for Him to Forgive it.
"What Must I Do to Be Saved?" Jesus was asked by the Rich Young Man.
Jesus Answered, "Give Up All and Follow Me".
The Rich Young Man did Not Want to lose his temporary Riches. He knew he could not take them With Him. For We Came into this World With Nothing ~ and We Will All leave this World With Nothing.
But even though he knew this, The Rich Young Man rejected Jesus and a New, Glorious Life With Him As a Friend and The Leader of his Life.
the Rich Young Man turned sadly away, a Lost Soul from Jesus...

December 17, 1991


The Sweetest Songs
Are Sung
The Greatest Thoughts
Of Men
Are Thine.
I pray that I May
Always See
In All That Guides
THY Design.

Dear Father Prendergast,

Regarding the Matter Which has recently been called to Your attention, Would it Not be possible for you to handle the situation personally With this Young Man?
I know that he holds You in high esteem having


We have been having Many "Mishaps", such as All of the Crew getting off at Costa Rica after two very bad storms (5 days, 42 knots). Everyone left but one Young Christian boy - "Tim". He is Only eighteen, Yet he stood by Ben - and helped him in every Way. He is a giant in Faith and Prayer.
I talked With them Both and I said "We Have Left The Shore - line Now. We are Out in The Deep. All We Can Do is to reach For The Lifeline and hang On". (God had been rehearsing Me in These Words for Weeks) They said a firm "Amen" to that.
Tim's father is a Cancer surgeon. He had been feeling that God Wanted to use him in some new Way. It became so strong in him that he recently gave up his Practice & sold his home. God had been stripping him down to New Green leaves springing into life after the dead ones Were gone. (the Self Thoughts) When all Was settled, he did not have a great deal of Cash left. He Wanted to Work Among the Natives, reminding Me of Dr. Schweitzer. Christmas Eve Morning, he, his 20 yr. old daughter, Who had Witnessed With Tim, his Wife and his Married daughter and her husband all flew down. There were others, Mostly from Melodyland Bible College - One from Calvary Chapel.
God had turned Her into The Missionary Ship for Which Ben and I had built Her... In The Future.
(Here I feel so glorious as I copy The Story that I burst out in joyous singing of His Praises - "Singing His Praises"
Because: He tells Us; Now Is The Time. Today is the Day of Salvation". "The Harvest Is Ripe".)
They Never reached their affluent Minnesota Charterers.
The Future of The Good Ship Grace is in The Hands of Our Great God - - As My life Was When I Was expected by doctors to die of Cancer Within 6 to 8 Months following surgeries,
And as in Ben's Was When in childhood he had a terrible condition of Asthma; often going into pneumonia - - from Which doctors said he Would not recover.
They are having some Mighty Prayer Meetings On That Good Ship of God's Grace.
A few supplies and donations have come in, in the Most Beautiful Name of Jesus.
We have a Powerful Heavenly Father.

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