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Photos Mr. Emilio Valera

Victory Adventure Expeditions invite you to become an Antarctic explorer.

The Victory Adventure Expeditions begins prior to our trip; through a specialized debriefing session we indicate the characteristics of the flight, the places we will be visiting, the recommendations for our safety, and the necessary steps to take in order to protect this ecosystem.
We board the airplane early in the morning. First of all, the pilot will check the weather conditions and if they are favorable we will leave heading south towards Antarctic, our destination.

During the flight, we will be crossing the Strait of Magellan and continue over Tierra del Fuego Island, the Darwin Mountains and its glaciers. Only Islands will compose the landscape until we reach Cape Horn and the last rocks of the American continent.

The first explorer disembarking on King George Island in 1819 was the British sailor William Smith. Unlike Smith, Scott, Palmer, Shackelton and other expeditionaries who had to face the roughness of the Drake sea for several days, you will arrive at the Antarctic airport of Frei Base at King George Island, after a pleasant three and a half hours flight. After arrival, we will visit the establishments of Villa Las Estrellas, as well as the wild fauna, glaciers and other attractions offered by this place.

Baleen whales, Orcas or Killer Whales, Sea Lions, Weddel Seals, Antarctic Seals and Penguins compose the fauna, which feeds on the Antarctic's rich waters. The famous Adelie penguins are the main species, but you will also see the Papua Penguins, Antarctic Penguins and many other kinds. Of all these species the most feasible to see in our visit are the different varieties of Penguins, Sea Lions and the Weddell Seals.

Frei Base was, established in 1980 under the name of Teniente Rodolfo Marsh, along with Presidente Frei Meteorological Center, inaugurated in 1969, it is one of the main meteorological and navigational stations in the Antarctic.

The scenery, fauna and marine life are the main attractions for the tourist; this place is one of the few in the world that has remained untouched by men, this is why it constitutes one of mankind's most important biosphere reserves.To comply with the strict rules and regulations of environmental preservation, VAE Ltda.had to submit this expedition project for an evaluation by the Comision Nacional del Medio Ambiente (National Environmental Commission), resulting in approval of the project. You are a part of that effort !


· VAE`s Antarctic Expedition begins the day before the trip. Through a specialized debriefing session, our Antarctic guide will walk you through the flight itinerary including places to be visited during the trip.

· Early in the morning, after checking weather conditions, we will board the airplane for departure.



*Visit Villa Las Estrellas, (first site to be inhabited by civilians) its facilities and meteorological center.
*Visit the Sea Lion colony in the Drake Sea on a hike across the runway towards the beach.
* Lunch and/or snack depending on the place and time of arrival.
* Walk to the Chinese Station to observe Marine Birds, Penguins and Weddell Seals.
* Cross over (walking through an isthmus) to Ardley Island, where Papua Penguin colonies live.
* Return to Punta Arenas (Chile)


*On the following day we visit different Antarctic Research Stations and will be able to speak to researchers.
*If time permits, we can visit additional areas of attraction before returning to Punta Arenas (Chile).

During our visit to the Antarctic Peninsula we have made it our duty not to step on the flora or disrupt the fauna. Our homage to nature will be our legacy to future generations. Note: Food and beverages are included in all of our programs, please alert us beforehand if you have any special dietary requirement.




November 29, 2011
December 15 - 21, 2011
January 12 - 26, 2012
February 15 - 21, 2012
March 09 - 15, 2012


USD $4,950/passenger plus US$54 airport tax


This Charter flight does not include clothing.

As the place to visit is considered to be a Reserve for Humanity, it is strictly forbidden to waste or drop any kind of rubbish, for this reason our company has prepared some special containers . It is also forbidden for passengers to visit protected areas and during the entire trip you must follow the tour guide instructions and those given by the Villa´s authorities.

Our homage to nature will be our legacy to future generations.

Note: You will need to be in Punta Arenas the night before the flight
and be able to stay for a total of 5 nights in case of one day
expeditions and 6 nights in case of 2 day expeditions. This is to
insure you get to Antarctica in case that inclement weather there
prevents landing on the scheduled day.

Passengers should have valid insurances with a broad coverage.