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Glaciers of Garibaldi Fjord


Just around the bend of Garibaldi fjord,
we came upon a group of about 100 seals.

When we enter the last part of the fjord we find this beautiful sight; the Garibaldi glaciers consisting of two glaciers at its end and ice covered May Peak (1792 Meters , 5677 ft. (over a mile high) on the right. (Looking North)

A closer look at May Peak with ice 70-100 meters thick on summit

Location Tierra del Fuego, Chile Latitude 54 degress 45' S Longitude 70 degress 9' W
Best Climbing Months late December, January, February, March
It rises on the Cordillera Darwin, a heavily glaciated range on the extreme southern shore of the island of Tierra Del Fuego

The second Garibaldi glacier which comes down from the right (East) side at the end of the fjord

More Garibaldi
160 KB

Mount Darwin, a climbers challenge
plus the Alemania Glacier

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