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Israel - Jerusalem

Selected Sites
Aish: Live From the Kotel - Jerusalem
Western Wall Tunnel Tour
Jerusalem Mosaic (English and Hebrew)
Jerusalem Archives
The Jerusalem Municipality Website (Hebrew, English, Arabic)
ICJI: The History of Jerusalem
Rennert Center: Life through the Ages in a Holy City
M.F.A. History of Jerusalem
Jewish Virtual Library: Jerusalem
Jewish Trivia Database: Jerusalem (100+ Q & A)
Jerusalem Day with Virtual Jerusalem
Aish: Jerusalem Day
OHR Somayach: Israel & Jerusalem
OU: Yom Yerushalayim Celebration
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
The Temple Institute in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
The Jewish Agency: Jerusalem Day
Gems in Israel: Jerusalem
Yeshivat Har Etzion: Yom Yerushalayim Journel (Articles)
Torah.org: Jerusalem Day (Articles)
Beitar Jerusalem Soccer Team (Hebrew and English)
Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Team (Hebrew)
My Hebrew Dictionary (Jerusalem related words)
Jerusalem of Gold (the song and background)
The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (English and Hebrew)
The History of Plumbing in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Through Coins
Mosaic: The Western Wall
IDF History: The Six Day War - Jordanian Front
J: My Jewish Coloring Book - Jerusalem
J: My Hebrew Song Book - Jerusalem
AMIT: Jerusalem Day
Hebrew Sites
Ministry of Education: Yom Yerushalaim
Ministry of Education - Toranit Articles
AMIT: Jerusalem Day
Galim: "Meurav Yerushalmi"
Chagim: Yom Yerushalayim"
CET: The Struggle for Jerusalem
Daat: Articles about Jerusalem
Kipa: Articles about Jerusalem
Stamps about Jerusalem
Ministry of Defense: Jerusalem Under Siege 1947-1948
IDF History: The Six Day War
David Shaw's Jerusalem Pictures
Virtual Tour of Jerusalem
Jerusalem 1948 (photo exhibit)
Snow in Jerusalem (photo exhibit)
At the Western Wall (photo exhibit)
M.F.A. Jerusalem in Pictures
M.F.A. Jerusalem Neighborhoods in Pictures
Jerusalem Picture Gallery (JR site)
Yoav Bar-Am Tour of Israel: Jerusalem
Israel Art Photography: Jerusalem
In Israel: 3D Pictures of Jerusalem
World Landmarks: 3D Pictures of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Picture Shots
Multimedia Presentation: Pictures of Jerusalem
Images of Jerusalem - 1926 to 1932 (Hebrew and English)
Lions of Jerusalem (JR site)
Lions of Jerusalem (city site)
Lions of Jerusalem (HS Site)
National Photo Collection (search on Jerusalem)
Israel Ministry of Tourism: Jerusalem
JTSA Exhibit: Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple
Joseph Regenstein Library - Photograph Archive: Jerusalem
Archaeology: Exploring the Holy Land
Virtual Exhibition: Jerusalem in Ketubba Illuminations (Hebrew)
Stamps About Jerusalem
Places to Visit
Yad Vashem
The Israel Museum
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park
The Museum of Italian Jewish Art
The Museum of Italian Jewish Art (JIJA site)
City of David (English & Hebrew)
Bloomfield Science Museum
Jerusalem Botanic Gardens
The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Jewish National and University Library
Jerusalem International Convention Center
The Tower of David Museum (Hebrew)
The Jerusalem Theater
Bible Land Museum
Museum of Taxes
Chagall Windows at Hadassah Hospital
About-Family-Travel: Jerusalem Sites and Museums
The Serial Tourist's Guide to Jerusalem
My Rova (Old City)
Maps of Jerusalem
Map of Jerusalem (detailed, English)
Map of Jerusalem (detailed, Hebrew)
Jerusalem 3000 (old maps)
Jerusalem Technology Parks (clickable map)
Jerusalem Road System Map (also future roads)
Maps of Israel (JR Pictures - Israel)
Ancient Maps of Jerusalem
Medical and Social Services
Hadassah Medical Orgainzation
Shaare Zedek - Jerusalem
Yad Sarah
Mercaz Harmony
Jerusalem Boruch Rofeh Cholim
Life-Line for the Old
Terem Medical Services
Society for Jerusalem Street Cats (Hebrew)
Synagogues and Community Sites
Jerusalem: OU Israel Center
Jerusalem: Old Katamon - Late Late Minyan
Jerusalem: Kehillat Moriah
Jerusalem: Ohel Nehama Synagogue
Jerusalem: Kehilat Yedidya
Jerusalem: Yakar
Jerusalem: Bayit-Vegan Mailing List
Jerusalem: Janglo List (announcements, buy/sell stuff)
Just Moving (buy/sell stuff)
Quickdeal (buy/sell stuff)
Jerusalem: Harnof List
Jerusalem: Ramot List
Jerusalem: Gilo List
Jerusalem Shidduchim (singles list)
Related Sites
Israel: Tourism (JR Hotsites)
Israel: Real Estate (JR Hotsites)
Israel Articles (JR Articles)
Israel: Politics / Zionism (JR Hotsites)
Political Articles (JR Articles)
Jewish: History (JR Hotsites)
Pictures of Israel (JR Pictures)


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