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A Virtual Voyage to the Cold Southern Ocean Regions of our planet; Cape Horn, Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego, Antarctica and South Georgia with over 1000 graphics. Over Four hundred forty pages of Information on culture, history, fauna, flora, anthropology, geography, arqueology, Chile facts, kayaking, whale watching, trekking and introducing:
Ultimate Adventures You Will Never Forget  

Ice Diving in Antarctica, Cape Horn,
Magellan Strait
Shipwreck Diving

Chonos fondeado en Faro San Isidro
"Chonos"anchored by
the San Isidro lighthouse
Vapor Canton restos náufragos

Diving from CHONOS

Chonos navegando frente a Seno Ballena
"Chonos"sailing in front of
Ballena bay


Kayaking by a glacier from CHONOS

chonos saiing
Chonos sailing
The motor sailor Chonos was acquired for the purpose of offering excursions guided by expert divers to the innumerable remains old ship wrecks that exist in the Magellan area and Tierra Del Fuego.
The owner, businessman and diver Francisco Ayarza, has had a long trajectory and experience in the Antarctic territory and the Magellan area.
Now you may enjoy a great adventure by discovering the legendary  Magellan strait, Cape Horn, and Tierra Del Fuego and their fascinating history, coasts, bays, rivers and islands.

Also special Ice Diving expeditions in Antarctica are available aboard the CHONOS.

Motovelero Chonos

If you don't have time for a boat &
would like to go to Antarctica, fly:

We have 2 day overnight adventure expeditions available.


Ready to do something unique, different, daring, adventurous?. A trip that will make the adrenaline move through your body like never before? Something only a true adventurer would do? Are you one of those Adventurers? If you are...

What you need to do to join us on a unique adventure.

It's simple, just contact us with a rough outline of your requirements and let me, Captain Ben, and my Crew to do the rest for you.

Finally there isn't much we cannot cope with. Individuals or larger parties. Just let us know. "Navigating the Beagle Channel, Antarctica  and Cape Horn since 1990."

Ring us direct by Telephone at 5661-621010

Or, for further information on expeditions or flights  Patagonia, Antarctica, South Georgia, Cape Horn, and Tierra Del Fuego, please Email me at CaptainBen@victory-cruises.com

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