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Cabo de Hornos y los glaciares del Canal Beagle a Vela

Cruise ship to Cape Horn and the Beagle Channel

Cape Horn by sailing yacht


Sail aboard the VICTORY along Darwin's route
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VICTORY sailing East along the Beagle Channel.

At the beginning of the clip we see the big Island of Tierra Del Fuego
on the right (The last of the Andes Mountains as they disappear into the sea).

These movies were taken by the film company "The Land In Which We Live "
(La Tierra En Que Vivimos) from their helicopter and are part of a 12 hour
documentary about the voyage of Darwin in Chile in 1834.

The SV VICTORY starred as Darwin's boat, the HMS BEAGLE.

The documentary was shown via satellite in Spanish world-wide
on TVN (Chilean National Televsion) (http://www.tvn.cl) in April 200