Expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia,
Cape Horn, Falklands & Tierra Del Fuego

On this virtual tour you may see: Majestic mountains dipped in snow...
Crystalline waterways... Whales, seals, Soaring Andes condors...
Ice-blue Glaciers that shimmer like jewels...

Some comments about Navarino from a traveler:

Had a great day today walking down the coast road to the east along the channel. I walked almost the entire day. There was quite a bit of rain and wind. The harbor was closed again for the entire day due to winds in excess of 25kts. The mountain tops were obscurred by clouds and, when visible, I could see more snowfall up high. The leaves are turning quickly with the reds now extending most of the way down to the sea.

I just love Isla Navarino! It is so amazing to even be here. It is so peaceful. Thus far I've been able to identify 55 species of birds on Tierra del Fuego. There is not a lot of different species here so I don't expect to see many more. I do enjoy being out looking though. SO beautiful just to be out. I did get one new bird today, the Red Shoveler (duck). Much like our shovelers but cinnamon brown in color and very pretty. Still hoping to see the Forest Falcon!

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(left) A bird on Cerro Bandera seen during the Dientes trek.

A trekker's paradise, the"Dientes de Navarino" mountains are found behind the world's most southern town, Puerto Williams in Tierra Del Fuego, Chilean Patagonia

Chilean green parrots (Enicognathus ferrugineus - 36cms) on a Beech tree that are seen during the Patagonian summers on Navarino Island.