The Catholic group "Daughters of Mary" shown here with a group of Onas in Tierra Del Fuego

(Probably on Dawson Island where at one time resided up to 500 Onas until most of them died of white man's diseases)

ONA Woman spinning wool

Ona Indian tent made of Guanaco skins

"...Before the arrival of the civilized white men, these poor and harmless populations spent their days free of desires and worries, in the stillness and relief, not oppressed by labor because the land in which they inhabited provided the necessary food spontaneously, nor threatened by the diseases and vices of civilization, as their patriarchal life filled all their aspirations. To know closely the attraction of that nomad and primitive life, it would be necessary to have lived it the way we have lived it, having gone into the solitudes of those valleys and gone through those mysterious forests...."

( From My trips to Tierra del Fuego", book by Father Alberto M. de Agostini)

Alberto Agostini

Alberto Agostini arrived in Tierra del Fuego in 1910. He was an Italian priest but also a scientist, an explorer, a geographer, sports lover, map maker and a surveyor.
He did a study about the Fuegian Indians and named rivers, lakes, fjords, mountains and valleys.
His life was very important in the history of Tierra Del Fuego.

Photos of Onas

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