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Ceryle torquatal

These are seen around the yacht club in Puerto Williams

Ice Gull

Larus serranus


Pholocrocorax magellanicus

These abound in all the area of Patagonia

Black Necked Swan or Cisnes

Cyngus melancorypus

We have only seen these one time in Tierra Del Fuego at a lake near Puerto Williams

Chilean Parrots or Cachanas

Encognatus ferruginea

The Beech tree woods are filled with these during Summer

Chilean Owl or Chuncho

Glaucidium brasiliaman

You will see this little owl in the woods.

An Antarctic Pigeon on a Puerto Williams Beach
-Photo by Grace Garrett

All about Penguins

Additional Bird photos taken on Navarino Island

Some land animals of Tierra Del Fuego