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First Hand Experience in Southern Sea Navigation

Expeditions to Cape Horn, Tierra Del Fuego glaciers and Fjords, Antarctica and South Georgia

Capt. Wolf and Family at their home in Puerto Williams

Welcome to Wonderland, Tierra del Fuego where your voyage begins!

Dear traveler of the world,
We invite you to discover the end of the world; Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, the Cordillera Darwin, Cape Horn and Antarctica. Where the road ends our adventure begins! Join us on a spectacular voyage to one of the most isolated and pristine places on earth. In 2005, UNESCO acknowledged this area as one of the world’s natural heirlooms.

By voyaging in a small group aboard one of our sailing ships, a unique intimacy with this region is made possible. Either joining us onboard or using the sailboat as a support vessel, we provide security and peace of mind for your experience. No specific sailing or mountain experience is required. The only skills needed to join us for a once in a lifetime experience in these spectacular wilderness settings are: enthusiasm for the unspoiled nature of Tierra del Fuego, willingness to lend a hand and consideration for your shipmates.

a Diving in Tierra Del Fuego Video aboard the SANTA MARIA AUSTRALIS

Tierra Del Fuego music Video aboard the SANTA MARIA AUSTRALIS

Do you feel like having an adventure at the end of the world?

In order to participate on our travels, you don't need any sailing experience. Interest in nature, in helping on board and living together with people sharing your interests. All these are important things for participating and surviving in the wildness and they will help to make your trip and adventure as harmonic a possible.

Become acquainted with this far away country in a way, as it is only possible in a small group, on board a secure sailing boat.

We sail in the channels of Tierra del Fuego and in quiet fjords protected by the Andes. We will sail around the legendary Cape Horn orbit as soon as the weather is suitable and then on into the Antarctic, the unforgetably mysterious continent.



Skipper Wolf

Skipper Wolf has been living aboard the "SANTA MARIA" since 1986. The 200,000 nautical miles he has logged give him ample experience handling the ship and crew.

His travel destinations are the Mediterranean, the Caribbean waters, the Atlantic and the Pacific. With the "SANTA MARIA" he has achieved 7 Atlantic crossings and a complete turn around South America. During his travels southward, in the year 1990/91, he was the third German yacht ever to continue into the Antarctic. He could not resist the sweet berries of the calafate. The legend says that everyone who eats from them will return to Tierra del Fuego.

Since 1993 he has continued sailing in waters at the end of the world and inspires his fellow sailors with the "Toerns" around Cape Horn, the channels of Tierra del Fuego, and in the Antarctic. He now has the "Santa Maria" under Captain Orlando and he purchased the luxurious and spacious "Santa Maria Australis" in 2005 aboard which he is the captain. His fellow sailors, among whom we hope you will count yourself, enjoy sailing and enjoying nature. They are healthy and fit.