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Europa to Antarctica
and Cape Town


Patagonian Birds

Andes Condor

Cape Horn by Yacht

Cape Horn

Patagonian Plants

Wind Bent Beech

Wulaia on Darwin's route

Schooner  VICTORY


Visit Cape Horn, Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego, flights to or over Antarctica, South Georgia and the icy Antarctic. Four hundred and fifty pages of travel & tourism information on Southern Chilean culture, history, fauna, flora, anthropology, geography, archaeology, Chile facts, kayaking, whale watching, cruising, sailing, trekking.

These are the ultimate in adventures you will never want to forget.

Fly to Antarctica

(1-2 day expeditions)

Expeditions  to Antarctica

(1 to 30 days)

Weather around Cape Horn
3-7 day voyages

Sailing round Cape Horn, to the glaciers of Tierra Del Fuego, South Georgia and Antarctica. (24 yachts)

Victory Thumbnail

Cruise to South Georgia

(16-19 days)

North Pole and the Arctic


Current Weather in Tierra del Fuego

Patagonian Environment

News from China

Tour, Tierra Del Fuego (104 Kb)


Torres Del Paine

Voyage of the Beagle"
 Charles Darwin, Chap 10

Photos of Puerto Williams

Maps and info on 
Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego

Pot Harbour

Expedition photos Tierra Del Fuego

Japanese Expedition Volier Harbour (255 KB)

Japanese expedition to Garibaldi Fjord 

Garibaldi Fjord

More Patagonian Beauty

Southwest branch of the Beagle Channel

Archeology of Navarino Island (Spanish)

Ukika Indian village

Puerto Williams, Beagle Channel

Puerto Williams Plaza

HMS BEAGLE drawings and plans

Patagonian sea life, birds and animals

Typical Tierra Del Fuego plants

Patagonian Birds

Tierra Del Fuego History and Information

Yagan Indian's culture and photos

Ona Indian's Culture and Photos

Comments about Yagans in Spanish

Cape Horn close up

Cape Horn info,square Rigger paintings

Some Cape Horn History

Cape Horn from a newsletter

Magellan's chart of Cape Horn and info

Southern Ocean Storm

Cape Horn hoves into view unobscured by wind or wave

Cape Horn Trip report

Richard Dana on Cape Horn

Some Cape Horn Graphics

Victory - pix

More Pix of Victory in the Beagle Channel

Getting to Tierra Del Fuego via Santiago and Punta Arenas

Getting to Tierra Del Fuego via Ushuaia, Argentina

Chile Facts



Links and References

Free post card service

Yachts to Cape Horn

Breathtaking, Exhilarating, Awesome... Adventures You Will Never Forget.  

See things you never see in everyday life. Visit places un-touched and unseen by most of mankind. Walk on the same ground the likes of Darwin and Shackleton trod. 

Majestic mountains dipped in snow, crystalline  waterways, whales, seals, soaring condors and Ice-blue glaciers that shimmer like jewels.
You can experience that with Victory Cruise Adventure Experiences.

Let us Organize for you the Ultimate Adventure that will stay with you for the rest of your lives.

What do you want to do? To walk on a fresh slab of ice just fallen from a millenniums old glacier?To sail around the famous Cape Horn and battle with nature or soak in the tranquility and solitude of the rock.
Sail through fjords so flat they look like polished glass in the famous Tierra Del Fuego, surrounded by the greenest most beautiful forests
Go Whale spotting in a distant, untouched part of the Earth. Share dinner with penguins or simply have an adventure that will totally blow your mind and stay with you for the rest of your life.
You can do it ... today, NOW.
Sound like the adventure of dreams? It is. We make your dreams real. We make it happen for you. You say when you want to go... we create the ultimate adventure for you,  designed, for you.
Some of what we can offer...

Six week expeditions to South Georgia.

One to 30 day expeditions to Antarctica 

  • Voyages in especially equipped steel yachts and ice strengthened vessels.
  • Eco-tours, experience the beauty of creation.
  • Sea Kayaks.
  • Ice diving
  • Explore  Cape Horn as one of the "uttermost parts of the earth".
  • Tierra Del Fuego.
  • Staten Island.
  • South Georgia.
  • Antarctica.

    7-14 day voyages through channels, fjords and glaciers of the Tierra Del Fuego area, Cape Horn and the Beagle Channel. 

  • We can also take you to see..
      • Fjords, waterfalls and wildlife. 
      • The ice covered Andes.
      • Huge glaciers and icebergs.
      • During this adventure one also has the opportunity to see a rich flora and different expressions of fauna such as: 
      • World's largest flying birds; 
      • Condors.
      • The Albatross, 
      • Giant Petrels,
      • Penguins, 
      • Cormorants 
      • Wild Geese and ducks.
      • Large flightless "steamer ducks",
      • Red headed woodpeckers. 
      • Yellow winged finch.
      • Kingfishers.
      • Seals. 
      • Sea otters.
      • Dolphins.
      • Orcas and sporadically whales.
      And that's just to start with.

        Victory Thumbnail
        S/V "Victory"

        The yacht "Victory," is an exact 75-foot schooner replica that combines the enchantment and excitement of a 19th century vessel with the luxury of modern amenities on board.
      • She can take you on history-crammed excursions by land and sea that mark the course taken by Charles Darwin's "Beagle." The Victory is so similar
      • a ship that it "starred" as the "Beagle" in a recent documentary recapturing Darwin's voyages.
      • She is now doing historic sailing voyages to Wulaia with the Lakutaia Hotel

      What do other Adventurers think?

    Dear Captain Ben,

    What an adventure! Not only did we 'round the Horn, we doubled it, didn't we!
    Although we were bucking through some hefty waves with the wind moaning and the rain blowing sideways, wild horses could not have dragged any of us off the deck.
    The Victory did you proud, sailing through flying sea foam like the splendid Cape Horner she is.
    Cape Horn is one of the most dramatic places in the world.
    I heartily recommend this voyage to anyone who is compelled to go on a pilgrimage to the ends of the earth.

    Beverly Beth Morse , Austin, Texas

    More Testimonials here

    The SV Victory appeared for a period of nine weeks beginning July 4, 2003 on Chilean National Television, broadcast Worldwide, starring as the HMS BEAGLE in a documentary about the voyage of Darwin in Tierra Del Fuego in 1834.


    See Movie by "La Tierra En Que Vivimos"
    of the Victory sailing the Beagle Channel

    Ready to do something unique, different, daring, adventurous?. A trip that will make the adrenaline move through your body like never before? Something only a true adventurer would do? Are you one of those Adventurers? If you are...

    What you need to do to join us on a unique adventure.

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