For those of you who love to travel and ski in spectacular surroundings, we have crafted a magnificent hiker´s odyssey celebrating “The End of the World” and the “Darwin Range”

These mountains, part of the most famous Patagonia´s wonders, are unquestionably two of the earth´s scenic masterpieces: glacier-sculped mountain summits over 8,ooo feet and veils of falling water directly to the sea level .

On this exciting itinerary we´ll hike and ski in both ranges, enjoying the stunning mountain scenery as we amble through sub-antartic forest in front of the ocean, past lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls in a setting enriched by Patagonia's unusual wildlife, including guanacos, condors, rheas, leopard seals, Magellanic penguins.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - City tour and Tango Show during dinner.

Ushuaia, Argentina - City tour and Asado - Museum visit.

 - Ski at  Cerro Castor Resort.

 - Glaciar Martial (3000 feet behind the Beagle Channel).

 - Mountain shelter “Lago Fagnano” 4WD trip.  Following the "Onas" paths.

 - Cerro del Medio (2900 feet) touring ski, full day.

 - Paso Garibaldi (2900 feet) – depending on the conditions.

 - Iceclimbing and touring ski - Icefall Haruwen

 - Iceclimbing - Cascada Chica, Cerro Alvear (4200 feet) - depending on the snow and ice conditions.

 - Freeride - Cerro Alvear (4200 feet) full day freeride.

 - Sailing to Pto. Williams

 - Sailing to Darwin Range - Cta. Olla

 - Crevasses Rescue tecniches y glacier traveling - Italia

 - Freeride - search and freeride ski


 - Freeride - search and freerdie ski

 - Mount  Francés climbing

 - Mount Francés climbing

 - Sailing to Ushuaia


 - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Five participants

Ski level: intermediate to advanced.

Trip Length:

21 days

Additional sailing program:

The Darwin Range

7 days through the water world of the Yamana Indians

and a journey to the glaciers of the Darwin Range

Day 1:
You reach Puerto Williams, the starting point of your sailing turn, via:

a) Buenos Aires and Ushuaia

The skipper welcomes you at the AFASYN sailing club in Ushuaia Bay. The sailing yacht is either at the pontoon there or lying at anchor in the bay.

All participants should have arrived at the club by lunchtime.

After arrival on the first day of the turn, as well as on the last day, there will be a complimentary transfer from Ushuaia to Puerto Williams or respectively the other way round.
If necessary we may use a craft other than the yacht booked to run these transfers.

b) Santiago and Punta Arenas

From Punta Arenas there are the two-engine Twin-Otter or the new Antarctica Dash run by the air taxi operator DAP, which will take you across the Darwin Range into the Beagle Channel to the starting point of our expedition.

Puerto Williams (appx. 2.300 inhabitants) situated on Navarino Island is the southernmost settlement in the world. It is here that we have reached the last outpost of civilisation.

The sailing yacht will reach Puerto Williams in the afternoon of the first day of your turn.
After arrival we will make ourselves at home on the yacht, move into our berths and unpack our luggage. The cosy narrowness of the yacht's quarters will become our home for the next fourteen days. The yacht will provide us with safety and shelter in the pristine wilderness that we are about to enter.
The technical installations as well as the safety equipment on board will be demonstrated and explained.

The last native Tierra del Fuego Indians live on Navarino Island in the small settlement of Ukika. We can visit the Martin-Gusinde-Museum to learn about the local environment and native Indian culture or else go for a little stroll and admire the nearby beaver dams.
In the evening we will be guests at the home of Wolf Kloss for a typical Tierra del Fuego asado.
A glass of pisco sour at the yacht club will round off our first evening.

Day 1:
We carry on westwards, up the Beagle Channel to Puerto Navarino. We pass small estancias framed by the dramatic ranges of Tierra del Fuego. The snow covered peaks get higher as the channel gradually narrows. We immerse ourselves into the calm loneliness of this deserted mountain range, the Cordillera Darwin. Anchorage is in Caletta Olla.

Day 2:
We take a walk through the pristine wilderness to the lake of the glacier with its numerous beaver dams. We carry on through the Channel along the "avenida de los glaciares" at the feet of the ice giants. In this area the glaciers stream directly into the sea. Our overnight stop is in Seno Pia, a deep fjord. The water in the fjords is well covered with drifting glacial ice.

Day 3:
We explore the fjord, take a hike to the glacier and even walk on the glacier if the weather conditions are favourable. A colony of seals makes itself well heard. Here we have reached the westernmost point of our journey.
Our way now takes us south through the Thomson Channel. At its opening called Bahia Cook we often encounter the long running swell of the Pacific Ocean. Our course turns east by 90 degrees into Seno Coloane in the Brazo Suroeste of the Beagle Channel.

Days 4 and 5:
We explore the various fjords by boat and on foot. Here there is still a lot of unknown territory to discover. We find protection for the night in Bahia Fleuriais.

Day 6
We take our leave of the majestic lonely mountain range and sail back to Puerto Williams. Back to "civilisation".

Day 7:
A good day to sleep late, do the packing and get the return flights confirmed.

The return journey is again via

Ushuaia and Buenos Aires

Transfer on the yacht or by an alternative craft to Ushuaia.

Punta Arenas and Santiago

The well known Twin Otter will take us back to Punta Arenas. The last views of the Beagle Channel and the Cordilliera Darwin bid us farewell from one of the last pristine nature reserves in the world.

Getting back home, what we have experienced will seem like a dream to us.

Due to weather or forces beyond our control, the route laid out here is subject to changes, which will always be made to ensure the safety of the participants.


For more information please contact us.



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