During the 18th through 25th of February 2005, Puerto Williams was blessed to have a Youth Outreach with a group of missionaries visiting from Challenge programs from Tbarm Camps , Texas.

We prayed for good weather and God answered. The last day was rainy, but we used the gymnasium. :-)

The 9 missionaries brought with them 5 bi-lingual translators and over 600 lbs of supplies and sports equipment for the youth.

Over 50 youths and various adults commited their lives to Christ during this very effective outreach.

The Mayor, Jose Soto, of Puerto Williams gave free use of all town facilities including the Ukika River Campground facilities, transportation, tents and the gymnasium. His workers even built different things for recreational activities to order for these missionaries .

The missionaries shared Christ with him and his wife on at the final day's dinner where Beaver and King crab were served.

Pastor Ben, also brought to his attention that we all were helping to fulfil prophesy of Ezekiel 20:45-49 which says that the Holy Spirit would begin a fire of revival here in the south that no one can put out and which would spread to the North. (All South America, Central America, Mexico, and North America)

The missionaries all stayed aboard the yacht VICTORY, which was the first time to sleep in a boat for many of them.

They generously donated all their equipment to the church here for further sports evangelization outreaches for the youth. Pastora Monica and her daughter Grace Garrett have agreed to continue TBar M Ranch's work among the youth of the world's most Southern town. Please pray for them.

By the way, the church was originally called the Ukika Indian Church because it was started it in the house of the last Yagan Indian woman, Ursula Calderon, who lived at the Ukika Indian Village alongside the river next to her sister Cristina.

Below are some photos taken at our Ukika River Evangelization Campground:

Some of the group singing. Their very efficient and thorough leader, Keith Myer, Kasey, Kristi, Matthew, Stephen from the left to right.


Ukika River Camp. Phillip on far left. Marc center with Shandalyn on his left and Brad in red second from right.



Monica at the organ and Francisca at the guitar. Translator Grace Garrett sitting at right.


More of the group. Kristi on far right. to her right the translator, Deborah from Peru, Pastora Monica and translator Paz Ibarra


Some kids playing


Playing among the Beech trees


Vicky at the camp along side horse


In the middle with white jockey cap is Matthew with Translators Gonzalo Gonzales in blue shirt on his left and Daniel Ibarra on his right.

Our tent by fire in background

Kristi with a knee problem which rapidly disappeared, thanks to God!


The Cape Horn Missionary Church wishes to thank God and all the TBar Ranch missionaries for their safe arrival and return from the world's most southern town, for the effort they have shown and for important work they have done here. We also give thanks to all their families for their support and prayers.

Through the help of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of many, they were able to preach God's word as far as the "ends of the earth".

Acts 1.8 Matthew 28:18-20.