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Missionary Adventures in the "uttermost part of the earth"              
Pastor Ben Retired in 2006

Yagan with Canoe

Youth Outreach in Puerto Williams by the Texas based Tbar Christian Ranch 2005
Christian Cruises in Greece, following the steps of Apostle Paul and John
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Peace at the ends of earth

Some Yagan words:

Abailakin: "The strong and Powerful one" or supreme being

Akainix: Rainbow

amera: guanaco (Like an Andes Alpaca, but lives in Patagonia)

appi: oar

anan: canoe

ayusueker: house for various families

hanis: Beech tree o nothofagus pumilio

Hau imun: "My Father" or Supreme Being

Hanuxa: Woman-Moon

hupuxkémaks y hatus: Shell Necklaces

kespix: Spirit

keterna: ñire plant or nothofagus Antárctica

kina: Secret Society of the Yagans or Yámanas

kusimena: Midden

lakuma: Water Spirits

Lem: Man-Sun

lus: Red paint

merana: cone shaped house

pusaki: fire

shushchi: guindo plant or nothofagus betuloides

tauwela, cefkaalax y keijims: the braids of a basket

Tanuwa: "dear old man" or Supreme Being. Also bad spirit of the kina

Taruwalem: father-sun

tekenika: from teke unika which means "I do not understand what you say".

tuwéaki: seal skin to make coat.

uskutta: canelo plant or Drimys winteri

Ushuaia: "inner bay looking to the west"

Watauineiwa: "The old man" or Supreme being (used for God)

Welapatuxsef: "the murderer above in heaven" or supreme being

xumarapu: white coloring.

yámana aona: "people of the north" or Selk'nams Indians

yámana: human being

yahgashagalumola: canal people of the valley montains.

yékamus: witch doctor

yekus: arrow head

yoalox: the teachers of the yagan culture

yusa: beach

The Lord's prayer and some Bible verses in Yagan


A Foursquare Church at
the "ends of the earth"
The The Yagan Indians
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Puerto Williams, Chile

the world's most southern town

Evangelizing Antarctica, South Georgia,
Cape Horn, Falklands & Tierra Del Fuego


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ow the world's most Southern
Church at the "ends of the earth" was born

On January 10, 1991 Monica, Grace and I arrived at the area
of Tierra Del Fuego where Allen Gardiner had died.

When we arrived in Puerto Williams we visited the
Ukika Indian Village and found
the Yagans Indians and their descendants in
an extreme state of deprivation, immorality,
poverty and most of all, of alcoholism.

To us, this just did not appear to be the
justice and final outcome that God would have
wanted considering the suffering that had
taken place trying to help the Yagans.

Reading an account of Allen Gardiner in the
Puerto Williams library brought tears to our eyes,
because we then realized why God had brought us here.
This missionary effort; the martyred deaths of
Allen Gardiner and 14 others of his group
trying to bring God's light to the Yagans,
appeared to have been of no use in the lives
of these modern day Yagans.

The present condition of the
Yagans is in a large part to blame from the
interference in their culture by "white man".
The numbers of Yagans at the end of the 18th
century was calculated as over 10,000.

n 1905 there were only 650 Yagans. Now there
are left only two women. Typhoid fever,
tuberculosis, measles whooping cough, measles
and other diseases of white man took their
toll along with the introduction of alcohol
and refined foods. Their territory was
reduced and the guanaco they hunted were
harder to find.

The magnificent athletes and
runners, the ONA Indians across the Beagle
Channel from the Yagans were exterminated by
early Argentine settlers who put a price of a
couple of dollars for each of their ears. The
last Ona died in 1966. The ONA's neighbors,
the Haute were all dead by 1900.

The Alacaluf canoe Indians who paddled
throughout all Patagonia have only 2 or 3 survivors.
An Argentine by the of McInch said about the
Ona: " To kill them is to do a humane action,
if one has the courage necessary. They can
never live among the whites, and the sooner
they are exterminated, the better, since it
is cruel to have them as captives even though
they are in a Christian mission where they
languish or die of imported diseases".

onica and I did some heavy soul searching
during this time and asked ourselves: "who
else could try to remedy the situation if we
didn't". There was no other person with a
burden for those lost in darkness on this
island at the "uttermost part of the earth".
Why had God led us here?

Then we remembered the dying wish of the valiant
missionary/sailor, Allen Gardiner: "That the
mission in Tierra Del Fuego be pursued with
vigor... the Lord will direct and do
everything because time and reason are His
and your hearts are in His hands..."

It was very clear that the mission to the
Yagans in Tierra Del Fuego was not being
pursued with vigor.

It was confirmed in our hearts that it was
God's desire for us to continue the work here
the best we knew how. Allen Gardiner and the
missionaries of the past had been sent to be
martyred and die in these lands at "ends of
the earth". The least we could do is to try
to continue their work among the Yagan

e made a commitment to work here for a few
months only. That was almost 13 years ago!
Our decision was further confirmed by the words
of Jesus:

"You will receive power to testify
about me... in Judea, Samaria and to the
confines of the earth." (Acts 1:8) and by
many other scriptures about the "ends of the

Acts 1:8 in Yagan:

san mEtta san tu:mu:tu:abailamu:tu:ana,
Haima KEshpix sananima ku:pa:tauumEnimEs,
Jeru:salem san chi:ya:gaiatu:mEroa haiakaiipai,
Ju:deande:, Samariande:, mElasan u:siu:oalu:painde:

Translated by Jess Tauber

The Cape Horn Church is Born!

Statement of our faith

The Ukika Indian Church (Later the Cape
Horn Foursquare Church) was born in 1991
in the house of one of the last pure Yagan
Indians, Sister Ursula.

In the Fall of that year, we began the first
prayer meetings that the Yagans had had
in many years in her modest house in the
Ukika Indian Village.

The Chilean Navy "Floating
Church" backed us up at this time with
musicians and preachers. Two years later we
began to rent a small house for our meetings
and dedicated this Ukika Indian Church to the
memory of Allen Gardiner.

The few Ukikans who have dedicated their lives
to God and have turned from the darkness to
the light give us the courage to keep on going.
We remember these two scriptures:

"Whoever brings back a sinner from error of
his way will save his soul from death and
cover over a multitude of sins."
(James 5:20),

"There is joy before the angels of God over
one sinner who repents". (Luke 15:10)

y faith we are expecting a revival in this
most southern town in the world which is
prophesied in Ezekiel 20:4.

This revival is on the hearts of many from
North America and will spread North
throughout all Chile, and into all South
America, Central America, Mexico, the U.S.
and Canada.

The Foursquare Church

In the autumn of 1995 we were looking the spiritual covering of a denomination. We were almost ready to Get our covering from another denomination, but by God's guidance and mercy a small group of 15 persons
including children officially became the Ukika
Foursquare of Puerto Williams , the world's most Southern Evangelical Church.

Our desire is similar to Allen Gardiner's;
That the mission to the Yagans...and all peoples in Tierra Del Fuego be pursued with vigor.

The tithes and offerings of the Ukika flock have been low as the Yagans are presently very poor financially, however, some are slowly
becoming rich in spirit.

ONICA often has had to ride her bicycle some
2 miles to the Ukika Village in the snow and
ice during the winter. A typical Chilean
mother, besides her work in the church, she
paints, helps to maintain the "VICTORY",
cooks, does the housework and takes care of
the 3 children!

We think that the main accomplishments
that, with God's help, we had in our
lives during these 18 years that we have
been here is to have been able to "hang in there",
to learn more patience and have more faith
during the loneliness, depression,
isolation, wind and cold with a lack of
supplies, transportation, finances,
conveniences and communications.

e have seen relatively little results, by
our standards, in evangelizing the some 20
victims of alcoholism of the "comunidad
Yagan" in the Ukika Indian village during
these years.

But in God's view, we believe, HE is happy
with the changes and healings
that have taken place in the lives that have
been touched by the ministering power of His
word. This has made it all worth the
sacrifice and we are ready to continue.

We have had the encouragement of the many
blessings that God has provided in the last
years, including a new baby, a house with a
marvelous view of the Beagle Channel which
overlooks the island of Tierra Del Fuego
and also our Subaru to replace the old
beat up Volkswagen.

We feel that we have planted a "lighthouse"
that the Yagans and others may come to when
they want to come out of the darkness.

We cannot force the Yagans to come to our Church,
but some have come. Some have been and are
being cured of their alcoholism and are slowly
receiving inner healings.

We want to continue ministeringr here in the Southern islands for HIS
revival, (Ezekiel 20:45-49, Acts 1.8, John 12:24-25).

We have started a new ministry by wifi free Internet (CapeHornNet) to bring the word of God to all persons of Puerto Williams.

Pastor/Captain Ben Garrett is a Veteran navigator, Boat Builder, Electronic Engineer & Inventor from California and is still director of Victory Adventure Expeditions.

He almost died in 1977 from a decompression accident (Bends), while diving for lobster in Easter Island, Chile. This left him using a cane, but he continued sailing another 29 years and retired in 2006 due to Prostate cancer from which he has now been healed, thanks to God.

Although Ben and Monica are now (temporarily) retired from the Foursquare Church, they are still believing God for a new church buiding and a new Four Square pastor at the world's most southern town.

Family Photo taken in February
2001 aboard the VICTORY
Grace, Aimee, Monica, Capt. Ben & Victoria

(The family has grown during 18 years in Tierra del Fuego)

Photos of Puerto Williams, the Yagan Canoe Indians

Some visiting Missionary Brothers 

Ona Indians of Tierra Del Fuego

Family Photos

uerto Williams, the capital of the Chilean
Territory of Antarctica and ancient camp
ground for the now almost extinct Yagan Canoe
Indians is the southernmost town in the world
located on Navarino Island at latitude 54 dg.
56 min. South and longitude 67 dg. 37 min.
West . It is famous for it's Yagan Indian
Museum. It is a Cape Horn Commune.

Only 60 miles as the crow flies from Cape
Horn and 600 miles from Antarctica, it is at
the very tip of South America. It is truly
the "ends of the earth" which is spoken of so
many times in God's word.

It is hard to imagine a part of the world more
spectacularly beautiful and more unspoiled
than Tierra Del Fuego and the Cape Horn
Archipelago where one may find all sorts of
interesting cultural, geological,
meteorological, and botanical features in a
remote part of the oceanic world.

ere one breathes what may be the purest air
in the world supplied by 15,000 miles of
uncontaminated open ocean winds.

It is free from drugs and major crime at the
present time and probably will be for some
years to come, because of it's isolated location.
It is a great place to bring up kids without
worrying about them having the problems
that occur in other areas of the world.

However, the people who live here desperately
need spiritual help. There is a dark power over
Puerto Williams that makes 98% of it's
population oblivious to God.

Please pray for us and if the Lord directs,
come and help us!

Map of Tierra Del Fuego and photo of Cape Horn

lease pray and ask God to help us with the following needs:

Please pray and ask God to help with the following needs:

1. For persons here see the light,
give their hearts to Jesus and be
liberated from alcoholism and  
other forms of bondage.

2. Encouragement for us to be able to continue
with the force and guidance of the Holy Spirit
in spite of discouragements.

3. for our Internet ministry to bear fruit.

4. A full time pastor to be raised up  
for a long term commitment here.

5. The "mission in Tierra Del Fuego
to be pursued with vigor" as was
Allen Gardiner's last desire.

6. Finances for a new Church

7. Short and long term Christian
workers for Tierra Del Fuego.

Thank you in advance for your prayers,

Pastor/Capt. Ben Garrett


Pastor Oscar Gomez  mailto:vision_iglesia@hotmail.com
Foursquare Church of Punta Arenas, Chile

Pastor David Zambrano mailto:zambrano@surnet.cl

Foursquare Church of Puerto Montt, Chile

Sheila Ransford  mailto:sransford@4square.org
Foursquare Missionary from the U.S. who knows us trough her several visits to Puerto Williams

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