Sailing Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia,
Cape Horn, Falklands & Tierra Del Fuego

Majestic mountains dipped in snow...
Crystalline waterways...
Whales, seals, Soaring Andes condors...
Ice-blue Glaciers that shimmer like jewels...

Welcome to the web page of Vicky Garrett in Tierra Del Fuego, Chile

Vicky on her second birthday

Some Chilean Kids at Vicky's party.
Monica on left, Grace near center and Vicky below in white
(Aimee on right is only 6 months old here)

Aimee at 6 mo and Vicky at 2 1/2 years

Vicky at 3 1/4 and Aimee at 1 1/2 years

Photos taken by Monica 26/5/01

This page was last updated 29 June 2002

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