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Expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia,
Cape Horn, Falklands & Tierra Del Fuego


Tour of Wulaia and Tour of Tierra Del Fuego aboard the Schooner S/V VICTORY

Courtesy of the Luxurious Hotel Lakutaia


Wulaia The route of Darwin
Rates per person : US$ 350/day
Itinerary : Every Wednesday

Includes :  

Transfer Puerto Williams-Puerto Navarino- Puerto Williams
Barbecue and drinks on board.
Bilingual Tour Guide


Route of Darwin Navigation Program:


Tour of Tierra Del Fuego glaciers and Fjords

S/V VICTORY Charter to the Glaciers and Fjords of Tierra Del Fuego and to Cape Horn



The famous Andes Cordillera reaches to the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego Island where its name changes to the Darwin Range. Here, after diving down through The Straits of Magellan, the mountains rise again from the sea with imposing beauty and 6000-foot snow-covered peaks. From the top of these peaks, massive ice rivers still crawl down as they have for thousands of years carving one of the world’s most striking fjord landscapes.
Essentially untouched by man, VAE invites you to explore this unknown wilderness by sailing the Avenue of the Glaciers on board our Schooner, S/V VICTORY. This 4 day/3 night navigation recalls part of Captain Fitzroy’s journey when, together with the young Charles Darwin, he discovered and explored America’s southern-most channels and islands on the HMS Beagle.


The VICTORY sleeps up to 10 guests for trips to Cape Horn and the Galciers of Tierra Del Fuego:



Fullday to Historic Wulaia

VAE invites you to navigate in the most austral channels and fiords of the extreme south of Chile. We embark from the island's northernmost point and it's namesake, Puerto Navarino. From there, we navigate south to know firsthand, the historic sites visited by the schooner Beagle in 1934, when Captain Fitzroy, accompanied by the young naturalist, Charles Darwin, brought back from England, the three Yamanas , Jemmy Button, Fuegia Basket and York Minster, who where taken with the intent of transculturalization. We sail for Button Island via the Murray Channel to disembark at Wulaia Bay, where the unintentional travelers where first reunited with the people of their original ethnicity. Once there, we will take a leisurely walk to the top of a hill where we can get views of Navarino, Hoste, Button, Wollaston and other small islands that precede the mythical Cape Horn.

For our return aboard the Victory, a delicious barbecue will await us, accompanied by excellent Chilean wines to taste once we have weighed anchor for Puerto Inútil. For part of the navigation and depending on climatic conditions, you, our guest, together with the crew, will be able to help hoist the sails of our schooner. This will be, without a doubt, a truly memorable experience of the nautical day fulfilled by Fitzroy and Darwin in these latitudes. In Puerto Inùtil we can observe truly breathtaking plant life, which reinforces the well deserved recognition given by UNESCO to declare this area a “World Biosphere Reserve”. From there we return via the Murray Channel back to Puerto Navarino, the final destination for our navigation at the End of the World.

PDF showing S/V VICTORY deck plan, costs and Itinerary of the Tierra Del Fuego Glaciers voyage

Wulaia and Navarino Island are only 60 miles from Cape Horn

More photos of the S/V VICTORY at Puerto Williams and Wulaia Bay.

Photos of the Victory after recent renovation

Movie of the S/V VICTORY

Other yachts to Cape Horn, the Glaciers and Fjords of Tierra Del Fuego for 7-14 days .