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A Virtual Voyage to the Cold Southern Ocean Regions of our planet; Cape Horn, Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego, Antarctica and South Georgia with over 1600 graphics. Over Six hundred pages of Information on culture, history, fauna, flora, anthropology, geography, arqueology, Chile facts, kayaking, whale watching, trekking and introducing: Ultimate Adventures You Will Never Forget.

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  • Travel to Antarctica

    We offer an extensive list of trips to Antarctica at the best price. You may choose between our various options, according to your needs in terms of price, duration and type of excursion. The Antarctic season goes from late October to March.

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  • Cape Horn Travel

    Travel to Cape Horn

    Join an amazing journey to the “uttermost end of the earth” on modern expedition cruise ships that ply the untamed wonderland at the bottom end of South America. Patagonian nature is on full display as we navigate the legendary Strait of Magellan, Cape Horn and the remote islands of Tierra del Fuego. The season goes from September to April.

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Antarctica by Sea and Air

  • Antartic Flights

    Fly to Antarctica and tour for the day, with option of staying overnight.

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  • Antarctica Cruises

    Cruise to Antarctic Peninsula, Polar Circle, Weddell Sea, Ross Sea, South Georgia, Falkland Island and mid-Atlantic Islands. Adventures last from 10 to 34 days.

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  • Antarctica Air-Cruises

    Combine both sailing and flying. Fly in only 2 hours over the Drake Passage and board your ship directly in Antarctica, saving the 2.5-day navigation across the Drake Passage that is made each way in a regular cruise. Experiences last from 6 to 10 days

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  • Antarctica Sailboats

    Sail to Antarctica on board of sailboats. Expeditions last from 21 to 39 days.

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Best flight to Antarctica

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Enjoyed New Year 2019 one day to King George Island, Antarctica. The flight was smooth. 5 hours tour was full of activities. We saw glacier, fall from glacier and of course penguins. Little souvenirs shop was cute. Russian Orthodox Church was beautiful. We visited Chile housing complex, school, bank and lab of Professor Julio. Over all it was once in a life trip for me. The tour guide George was very knowledgeable and perfect gentleman. If you and anyone wants to go for a day or two and do not have time for 10-15 days for cruise, this is the best tour. Short and precise. Thanks


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Chile was just fantastic and really welcoming, and our Chilean Guides were really professional and took great care to explain what to expect on the flight and in Antarctica. The visit to the Chilean Antarctic base was awesome and a REAL privilege. Thank you. I travelled down with 3 Americans and 2 Canadians, and it was excellent. Now back in Europe, and it's hard to settle down! Phil W. UK