Bark Europa

Since the year 2000, the Bark EUROPA has been crossing oceans and seas on a regular basis and has the reputation of being a ship that really sails. Our voyages bring us to remote islands and cities all over the world, giving you the possibility to step on board halfway through a long ocean crossing.

Bark EUROPA follows the favourable winds of traditional sailing routes. This has brought her to all continents, sailing the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean, thus earning her nickname Ocean Wanderer. From December to March in the Southern hemisphere summer EUROPA conducts expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula.

EUROPA also participates in Tall Ships Races, the largest international ocean races for sail-training ships in the world. Races occur annually in various parts of the world with thousands of spectators. Our crew and guests are international and of different ages, united in their search for adventure and new experiences.

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Voyage Start Duration Cost
22 Day Antarctica Expedition Dec 24, 2018 / Jan 16, 2019 21 nights / 22 days from €7.480